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Prelude to the American Revolution: The Birth of a Nation

Thematic Unit Presentation targeted to high school freshman in US History

Daniel Huntley

on 14 December 2011

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Transcript of Prelude to the American Revolution: The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation: The Prelude to Liberty America was at one time Colonies
of Great Britain The American Colonies were very independent.
Many felt that they should not be governed by
Great Britain, but by themselves. Great Britain needed to pay for the war debts somehow. 5 Colonoists were shot when an angry mob
were provoking British soldiers. Through the
use of "Yellow Journalism" this event gained
attention when it was called, "The Boston Massacre"
by newspapers across the colonies. ...began imposing taxes on
many everyday items that
the colonies depended on
like Sugar, Tea, and Stamps. Growing tired of how they were being treated
colonists began speaking of equality and liberty.
The Tyrant King George must be stopped. Thomas Jefferson Ben Franklin John Adams King George Thomas Paine Published the Pamphlet
"Common Sense"
Its message of freedom and
liberty spread like wild fire. Disguised as Indians, colonists loaded
ship carrying British Tea and unloaded
it into the Boston Harbor.
"The Boston Tea Party" The Declaration of Independence 56 men signed the Declaration between August 2, 1776 and January 22, 1777, including two future presidents, three vice presidents, and ten members of the United States Congress. ...waged war against
the French for Territories
in North America. Began speaking to one another. Sharing thoughts
feelings, and ideas. Declaration was in the air. The American Revolutionary War
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