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Youtubing Integers!

No description

Ms O

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Youtubing Integers!

Youtubing Integers!
Start with a refresher on "What is an Integer"
these Youtube videos
Watch the Youtube videos provided.
Take note of their dislikes and likes.

For each of the following tasks (Tasks are numbered), you will answer a set of questions on loose leaf. You are to title each section with the task number. For each question answered, number your answer. Provide as much information as possible. Use complete sentences where necessary.

Good luck!

1. What do the number of dislikes represent?

2. What do the number of likes represent?

3. Describe, in your own words, the relationship between your understanding of Integers and how it relates to this activity
Answer the following questions:
1. Which video has the greatest value? Explain your reasoning.

2. Which video has the lowest value? Explain your reasoning.

3. Pick your top 3 videos. Order them from least to greatest. Explain your reasoning and how you determined value.
Each video has likes and dislikes, which translate into positive and negative integers.

TASK 2: For each video, list the name of it, and the number of positive and negative integers.

To determine the true value of each video, you must use the Zero Principle! Go to the next Task to learn more!

Think about this: If something has fewer dislikes, does that mean it has more value? If more people like it?
Youtubing Integers!
Zero Principle!
Using this principle,
find the
true value
of each video. List this value beneath each video.

Number the videos from least to greatest (it's important that you use the zero principle for this!)
Go to Ms. Oweida's Pass-Out Folder to find the links to these Youtube videos. You'll need to do this to find your information.
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