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MMI _Ashleigh_Clay

Available at Prezzip.com. Sales Series by WinningByDesign & Prezzip

Your Prezis

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of MMI _Ashleigh_Clay

Together we have managed to win some awards
along the way....

across two countries,
Success in my role is leveraging off the

A journey that has spanned
8 years !
allowing me to devleop a raft of experience
My current role is within the Telstra team, the focus being to deliver operational efficiencies and in turn improve the team’s performance.

I have literally
This prezi template and many more available at:
it's been an amazing journey!
Over the years OMD’s ambition & values have become ingrained.

An ambition I strive to reflect in all I do & which I believe is the foundation for OMD’s culture.

A culture I continue to be very proud to be a part of!
varied categories & clients
and have lot of fun,
while building some
incredible friendships
Post Singapore,
post bub
it feels good to be
back in Sydney’s HQ!

The Daily goal:
Deliver great work that’s best for Telstra

6 years
2 years

Three agencies
2007 -2008 TV Trader
2008-2009 senior tv trader
2009 - 2011 Account manager
2011 - 2013 senior account manager
2013-2015 account director
2016 - business manager .
Applying a consultative approach, to process
improvement initiatives
immense collective expertise
The role gives me permission to review current output and by example, build client and internal templates to be rolled out
I pride myself on being reliable,
that I deliver quality output consistently.
To deliver this I need to make sure I’m equipped properly and that includes being armed with the latest in industry knowledge and thinking.
This opportunity will definately help further
my career at OMD!!
The syllabus promises to build on my existing understanding so I can apply it in my
day-to-day, helping us to collectively strive to deliver better, richer outputs.
I value every learning opportunity OMD provides and I hope the energy I bring and output is reflective of this
thank you !

Demonstrating OMD’s ambition of Performance with Integrity
Future role
• The aim is to demonstrate to Telstra that we truly care about their business while building on our existing trust as a valued partner.

From there, the opportunities will come ...
The goal: operate as efficiently and
effectively as possible
My recent experience in Asia allows me to bring different perspectives to the team and challenge the status quo
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