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Middle East Water Crisis

No description

Anna Tischer

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Middle East Water Crisis

Middle East Water Crisis
BY: Anna Tischer, Destinee Webb, Lauren Stoeckel, Ellie Rice, Annabell Ballard, Daryle Bryant, Akilah Doty

Camera Angles

12 year old twin girl #1- Destinee- little less than average height, dirt scattered across her face, ragged clothes, barefoot, dark brown hair, brown eyes
12 year old twin girl #2- Ellie- Moderately short hair, average height, bare foot, lots of dirt covering her face, brown eyes, clothes torn from amount of use
8 year old girl- Lauren- torn up skirt with mud streaks across it, sweater/cardigan on, curly hair to her shoulders, brownish/blondish hair, barefoot
6 year old boy- Annabell- coal black hair, pale skin, no freckles, short cropped hair, tiny bit less than average height, brown eyes
Aunt- Anna- long dress to her ankles that are torn up at the bottom, brown eyes, bare foot, mud on her dress, hair in a bun
Mother- Daryle- dark brown hair, brown eyes, Apron looking dress on her with mud and dirt stains on it, hands look dry and dirty
Women Villager- Akilah- dark brown hair, brown eyes, big bowl of water being held on top of her head, sad look on her face and mud splashes on her face
dirt path leading to a mucky, medium wide, stream/river. Sides of river eroded from many years of the rivers stream. Bushes, tall trees with large branches, small trees with short branches and some walls of ivy. Bugs like flys, nats, mosquitoes, swarming around and scattered everywhere. A worn down wooden shack with boards warped in different directions, nails in random places and some nails missing, no windows, a door without a nob just a whole for a hand to go through to open it, roof made out of twigs and branches and mud and leaves, tree branches next to it swooping over the top of the shack and bushes next to the front door. The sky will be a gloomy color but very sunny. Everything looks dry and shrunk from no water. The shack is in the middle of nowhere so there are no other cabins or shacks next to it. The sun is setting.
"Mother, I'm thirsty!" said the 6 year old boy.
"Well, I will give you my serving of water for the day," said mother.
"Hun, you have to work for it around here," said Aunt.

"Mother! I have found some water!" said 8 year old girl.
"My goodness! Drink up everyone before it evaporates!" said mother.
"Mother. I don't feel so good," said 12 year old twin girl #1.
"Me either. My stomach hurts," said 12 year old twin girl #2.

"Sis, I'm thirsty," said 8 year old girl.
A villager over heard this conversation with the 8 year old girl and 6 year old boy.
"Here. You can have some of my money to go buy a water bottle. Just know that the water is expensive, so be thankful," said a woman villager.
We're in the region of the Middle East. Where people are dying of dehydration We go to a family inside a treatment/ hospital with herbs everywhere and a dead boy on a hospital bed.With the boy, is a family and the doctor/ herbalist talking.
The family cries and mourns "Why?! Why him?"

The doctor/herbalist says " I apologize, but you brought him too late. He has died by unclean water diseases and being dehydrated."

The mother says " If only he grew up in a better place and had better water, without diseases! Then he wouldn't have died!"

The twin girls comfort their mother.
The doctor/ herbalist pulls the sheet over the dead boys head.
First Scene: Mucky Pond and river swamp. Camera zooms in on the pond/river looks down into the water. Then the camera goes to the people running to get water from the stream. Distant call. The camera goes to the people now sprinting to the rundown house. Room with herb and treatments/hospital. The camera pans to a child on a bed, dead. Then a camera moves to a crying family. The camera zooms into the paper near her, it says, "death by unclean/not enough water". Herbalist says, "sorry there is a horrible water crisis in Oman now."

Second Scene: beach. The camera zooms into a desalination plant. You see a sign that says closed. The camera goes back to the man saying, "I'm sorry, but we don't have any more fresh water." Then the camera goes to an unfair price on bottled water. The man says, "I'm sorry but this this is a bad time in Yemen with the water crisis.

Third Scene: the camera goes to a desert scene with a women laying in the sand, dehydrated. Camera goes to villagers/extras walking toward the woman. "She couldn't make it," says one woman. "These are hard times to survive in Saudi Arabia to not have enough water."
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