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The Nerdy Cycle

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on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of The Nerdy Cycle

The Nerdy Cycle by Kevin Cruz ,Jose Avila ,Yanib Gonon
Hello students ,parents ,and guardians welcome to our water cycle project. Want to know about the water cycle then enjoy our presentation and when our presentation is over you will know all about the water cycle.
What is Precipitation
Precipitation only happens when evaporation and transport happen then after that it starts to rain.One way that rain can help is that it's good to get rain for the pants and animals to drink up to live.In the process of precipitation some of the water goes down hill and more is collected in a little lake and goes to the ocean.
What is condensation
The only way to make condensation is to first make evaporation and then it will happen But then it will form in to a cloud.One way it's useful because we need it or else we wont live.After condensation the next stage is transport.
What is Evaporation
Evaporation some times happens at the very beginning of the cycle.It happens only when the when the sun
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