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Learned Helplessness

No description

NicoleAnn Fuller

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness
Martin Seligman Have you ever studied really hard and still revived a bad grade on a test? And then afterward when you even think of another exam you fell upset or depressed? American psychologist, professor and writer
learned helplessness has become popular among psychologists today.
Professor of Psychology in the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Psychology.
Director of the university's Positive Psychology Center
Seligman has written The Optimistic Child, Child's Play, Learned Optimism, Authentic Happiness, and Flourish.
learned helplessness
— n
the act of giving up trying as a result of consistent failure to be rewarded in life, thought to be a cause of depression Poem Martin
Seligman Learned Helplessness Erin Lauren Sasha Amanda Justin Presented by: Example of Learned Helplessness This is an example of learned helplessness; a condition in which a person has accepted the generalized idea that he or she can do nothing to help themselves. Martian Seligman created this theory after studying depression at the University of Pennsylvania's department of psychology. Martin Sligman
developed a theory at U pen

Its called learned helplessness
when ones depressed, its put under emphasis

this is when a person has accepted
an unpleasant situation is destined

it is rather pessimistic
people need to be positivistic

Change your fate
to keep trying & MOTIVATE! Learned helplessness is a pessimistic outlook on situations
It Can ultimately lead to depression.
Society needs to recognize it is a form of clinical depression, and not merely a motivational problem.
Ultimately, this can be avoided by using the cognitive approach to encourage themselves to live a positive, happier life. In Conclusion Learned helplessness is showed via our experiment... Conducted in 1965 by Steve Maier and Mark Seligman.
Both of these psychologists used three groups of dogs for this experiment which were placed initially in harnesses.
After a certain time, dogs from group one were released and they were not harmed anyway.
Electrical shocks were given to one dog from each pair in group two up to the extent that their liver got pressed. Dogs in third group got shocks ever after pressing the liver.
The goal of this experiment is to torture the dogs into the learned helplessness stage and think that they are to deal with this and this is how they live. That they have to deal with the pain and that they cannot be helped by anyone
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