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The Hummingbird That Lived Through Winter

No description

Brenden Baronian

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hummingbird That Lived Through Winter

The Hummingbird That Lived Through Winter
The Hummingbird
William Saroyan
Old Dikran
Williams Mom
Plot Chart
Old Dikran said to William get the honey and put it on the bird so it stays warm. The hummingbird came back alive then the bird flew away.
The hummingbird came alive and flew away safely and healthily.
By: William Saroyan
Old Dikran standing in road.
Old Dikran comes to William.
Hummingbird in Old Dikrans hand.
William puts honey on the bird.
The bird is ok and can fly.
When William came home from school one day, his neighbor Old Dikran was standing in the middle of the road asking what was in his hand and if it was dead. William said that it was a hummingbird and that it was dead.
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