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rscuola rscuola

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Globalization

is a term which describes this growing network of connections between individuals, groups, companies and countries and the planet is becoming a
‘global village’
Global language
is the language of globalization. It is used in international business, politics and diplomacy.
It is the language of technology and research.
1,425 billion people communicate in English.
What is globalization?
classe 1 A
Istituto Fossati-Da Passano
Global technologies
New technologies
have broken down natural barriers.
Communication is now easier thanks to the Internet, satellite television and mobile phones.
Global language
Global technologies
Global food and drinks
Food is now traded and marketed on a global basis.
In the last 40 years there has been a 400% increase in worldwide
food exports
. Some of the best known examples of global food and drinks are hamburgers, chips and cola.
Global TV
It is now possible to watch
Big Brother
in almost 70 different countries.
Global Companies
Global TV
Global Companies
Global food and drinks
This is globalization
Comprendo meglio ciò che leggo e leggo di tutto
Multinational companies
help the spread of new technologies all over the world, and invest abroad especially in developing countries, which are often exploited increasing the differences among poor and rich countries.

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