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Odyssey Prezi Project

No description

Jessica Kong

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Odyssey Prezi Project

Aeaean Island Character Emphasis Odysseus Odysseus left after the Trojan War Troy Ismarus Odysseus sacked the city,
but many of his men were
killed because of greed. Lotus Eaters Odysseus and his men
lost their memory of going home.
“But you must give me a guest gift.” (9, 409) SHARP INTELLECT
"So you ask me the name I'm known by, Cyclops? I will tell you. Nobody-that's my name. Nobody- so as my mother and father call me, all my friends." (9,408) Values: Character Traits: Odysseus stopped at Aeolus' island for about a month,
the king sent them away with West Wind
but because some of his men disobyed him,
they were sent back to Aeolus
afterwards. By:
Kayla Laestrygonian Odysseus then stopped at
Laestrygonian lands,
where they were
attacked by giants. COURAGE
“’Lead me back the same way that you came.’” (10, 289) Character Traits: Home of Circe,
who turned Odysseus’ men
into pigs at first,
but after meeting Odysseus
she changed them all back
and hosted them for a year. Hades Odysseus talked to Tiresias
who told him how to get home safely.
There, he encountered many people that he'd known from the past. Values:

“And I, my mind in turmoil, how I longed to embrace my mother’s spirit, dead as she was! Three times I rushed toward her, desperate to hold her, three times she fluttered through my fingers, shifting away like a shadow, dissolving like a dream, and each time the grief cut to the heart.” (11, 233) Character Traits: “and time and gain I vowed to all the dead, to the drifting, listless spirits of their ghosts, that once I returned to Ithaca I would slaughter a barren heifer in my halls, the best I had, and load a pyre with treasures.” (11, 32) Odysseus had his men cover his ears with beeswax,
and also had them tie him to the ship. Helios Odysseus and his men stayed on this island
but his men disobeyed his order
and killed many cattle. Values PROPHECIES “Listen to me, my comrades, brothers in hardship, let me tell you the dire prophecies Tiresias and Aeaean Circe too: time and again they told me to shun this island of the Sun, they joy of man. Here, they warned, the worst disaster awaits us.” (12, 294) Character traites lsland
“and with this I lashed the mast and keel together, made them one, riding my makeshift raft as the wretched galewinds bore me on and on” (12, 457) They were trapped with the Cyclops for days
until Odysseus thought of a clever way to escape. The Cyclops Island (Cicones) Sirens’ Island TENACITY of Aeolus Scylla A six head and
a whirlpool monster
attacked Odysseus
and his men. Home “and Aeolus hosted me one entire month, he pressed me for news of Troy and the Argive ships and how we sailed for home, and I told him the whole long story, first to last. And then, when I begged him to send me on my way,” (10,16)

“Nine whole days we sailed, nine nights, nonstop.” (10, 32) Values: GUTS
"A mutinous crew undid me--that and a cruel sleep. Set it to rights, my friends. You have the power!" (10, 74) Character Traits: What gave life meaning for the Achaeans? Land Aeaean

“Circe, now make a good promise you gave me once—it’s time to help me home. My heart longs to be home, my comrades’ hearts as well.” (10, 532) Values: RESPECT Character Charybdis & RESPECTFUL “and time and again I vowed to all the dead, to the drifting, listless spirits of their ghosts, that once I returned to Ithaca I would slaughter a barren heifer in my halls, the best I had, and load a pyre with treasures.” (11, 32) Island of TIME HOSPITALITY
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