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Watchmen: Chapter I

Media Studies

Neil Carriel

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Watchmen: Chapter I

CHAPTER SUMMARY Edward Blake / the Comedian is murdered, found on the sidewalk below his apartment

The police decide to not make it a public ordeal, fearing what vigilantes, primarily Rorschach, may do if they learn what happened

Rorschach finds the Smiley-Face badge of the Comedian at the crime scene and learns that he was Blake, the deceased victim page 3, panel 7 Hollis Mason and Daniel Dreiberg (Nite Owl and Nite Owl II) are reminiscing old times when Dreiberg decides to leave

Finds his house to be broken into by Rorschach, who explains to Dreiberg that Edward Blake / the Comedian is dead due to a possible 'mask killer'

With the warning delivered and no new information gathered, Rorschach leaves After writing in his journal, Rorschach visits a bar to gather information about the Comedian's killer

Rorschach breaks the fingers of a wisecrack in order to convince the people in the bar to speak up; no one knows anything

He leaves feeling "slightly depressed" that no one knew anything; not that he unnecessarily tortured somebody Rorshach then visits Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias, to warn him about the 'mask killer,' who is also in disbelief

Rorschach breaks into Rockerfeller Military Research Center to warn Jon Osterman (Dr. Manhattan) and Laurie Juspeczyk (Silk Spectre II)

Rorschach angers Laurie and Dr. Manhattan makes him disappear to the outside of the base Laurie calls Dreiberg about getting together for dinner. as Dr. Manhattan continues his work

Rorschach writes another entry in his journal as Laurie and Dreiberg laugh about good times, and Captain Carnage, whom Rorschach dropped down an elevator shaft

The chapter ends with a remark about how there aren't many laughs anymore, now that the Comedian is dead page 16. panels 4-6 page 18, panels 1-3 R o r s c h a c h RORSCHACH ANALYSIS Rorschach's real name is unknown at this point

He is a very mysterious person and is resourceful during conflict, but mentally unstable Rorschach is known to do his job in very violent and bloody ways, which is clearly displayed on page 16

As Rorschach attempts to gather information at the bar, a man remarks:

"Hey, you hear that? He's got friends! Musta changed his deodorant!" - Man, page 15

Rorschach then tortures this man in order to coax people into speaking up; no regret afterwards GETTIN' INVOLVED . . . First major character to get involved in the conflict (besides the Comedian)

He is briefly seen without his mask as he passes by two detectives investigating the Blake case

He follows up on the Blake case that night, and discovers that it is the Comedian who was killed Rorschach's motive for getting involved is explained during discussions with Dreiberg, Veidt and Dr. Manhattan

"I believe someone is eliminating masked adventurers, possibly some old foe with a grudge." - Rorschach, page 22 WHAT MAKES HIM SO SPECIAL? Rorschach is defined by his extremely gruesome behaviour, and how he has no visible moral restriction or reaction to them

After having needlessly broken the man's fingers earlier, he writes that he felt "slightly depressed"

Not because he tortured someone, but because he didn't get any information from it Doesn't watch what he says or care if he offends people, and rarely ever apologizes

When the subject of the Comedian almost raping her mother, Laurie gets very offended when Rorschach says:

"I'm not here to speculate on the moral lapses of men who died in their country's service." - Rorschach, page 21 Dark, selfish attitude; doesn't know about boundaries or doesn't care.

He breaks into Dreiberg's house, eats his food, and says:

"Got hungry waiting. Helped myself to some beans. Hope you don't mind." - Rorschach, page 10 WHY DO WE LOVE HIM? Rorschach is, by far, our favourite character

Dark and mysterious; stands out from all other characters

Appealed by his crime-fighting methods; violent and gruesome, but still fights for what's right

Humourous how he can be violent, insensitive, inconsiderate and a total nutcase... and not care at all THE STAND-OUT MOMENT . . . Momentous scene during the conflict at Happy Harry's bar, pages 14 - 16

This scene is where you finally see how Rorschach does his job of dealing with criminals and gathering information It is already known that Rorschach is a dark kind of character compared to others such as Dreiberg or Mason

This scene isn't necessary to the plot, but it helps with character development - a key component to any good novel Rorschach is revealed to have a very straightforward attitude, and has little patience and tolerance for people who waste his time

This scene also foreshadows how Rorschach will act towards his antagonists later in the story THE CHARACTERS INVOLVED Main character of the chapter is Rorschach

He is the one conducting the investigation on the Comedian's death

It's through him that other characters are intoduced

Daniel Dreiberg, Adrian Veidt, Dr. Manhattan and Laurie Juspeczyk Major foreshadowing event: Rorschach's investigation on who killed the Comedian and why

Left unconcluded; will lead to the answer of who his killer is

Will finalize whether there actually is a mask killer, or if it's something else entirely FUTURE EVENTS? QUESTION In the first chapter of Watchmen, there is little to no co-operation between the characters, due to the fact that they all mostly hate each other.

What do you think this kind of mentality in our world will eventually lead to? THEME OF THE CHAPTER The main, most noticable theme of the chapter is Hatred, which leads to a lack of co-operation

Edward Blake is murdered; speculation that someone hated him enough to murder him

"A little money got stolen, but no way is this a straight burglary... someone really had it in for this guy." - Detective Joe Bourquin, page 3 Almost nobody likes Rorschach, for several reasons

"I just don't like Rorschach. He's sick. He's sick inside his mind. ... The sooner the police put him away, the better." - Laurie, page 23 Dislike between Veidt and Rorschach over the past

"Rorschach... I know we were never friends, but even so, you're being unfair." - Veidt, page 18 Laurie hates Edward Blake / the Comedian, because of how he almost raped her mother

"Anyway, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Blake was a bastard. He was a monster."
- Laurie, page 21 page 16, panels 4-6 page 6, panel 1 page 17, panel 7 page 16, panels 7-9 page 10, panels 7-9 page 21, panels 7-9 page 1, panel 7 page 18, panel 1 page 2, panels 4-6 CONNECTIONS TO OUR WORLD Hatred and lack of cooperation on a grand scale is still present in our society

Conflict and war between the Israelis and the Palestinians Racism is a racial barrier, making people hate each other and not get along

Girl's video on YouTube; racial jokes, comments, remarks towards brown people in her neighbourhood !!!!!!! QUIZ !!!!!!! The Comedian was killed when he was...

a) gunned down while passing by on a sidewalk
in the city

b) assassinated by the Mask Killer

c) thrown out the window of his apartment

d) severely wounded by an old foe, and was left
to bleed out on a sidewalk Why do the detectives not want Blake's case to go public?

a) they don't want to bring in too much media

b) they want to bury the case so there's less

c) no leads on the case were able to be found

d) they didn't want Rorschach to hear about it What was it that the wisecracking guy said about Rorschach at Happy Harry's bar?

a) he remarked about the 'stupidity' or
Rorschach's mask design

b) he commented on how Rorschach must have
changed his deorodant

c) he thought Rorschach was all talk and no action

d) he called Rorschach a total nutcase Why does Rorschach go to Happy Harry's bar?

a) to get information about Blake's death

b) to get a beer after a hard day's work

c) to track down and kill an old enemy of his

d) to glimpse at the poor and filth of the city Why does Laurie hate the Comedian?

a) he had a bad attitude about everything

b) he tried to rape her mother

c) he once shot her by accident

d) he wasn't a funny comedian THANK YOU "HAVE A GREAT DAY!" - Neil & Hamed
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