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Flipping the Learning!

No description

Sadie McLachlan

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Flipping the Learning!

Why are we 'flipping'?
Frees up lesson time

Allows us to effectively differentiate for our classes

Allows teachers to pinpoint support more effectively,

Make use of new technologies available in school in a more creative way (teachers AND students)

The story so far...
Flipped 2 lessons with year 8 Spanish

Created own channel on YouTube

Google Doc homework tasks to test understanding of video material

Positive feedback from pupils - pupils are enjoying the videos and the new style of homework

Learning curve - we have trialled (and errored!)

What is 'flipping' ?
Flipped learning - students 'learn' material at home to 'practise' in class

The role of homework is reversed - learning happens at home, consolidation happens in the classroom

Research in the USA has shown flipped learning to have a dramatic impact on student's progress
Flipping the Learning!
The lesson format
What next?
To flip some lessons with KS4

Setting up a blog page to share our findings

Establish a 'flipped learning' community here in the UK (and be better than the yanks!)

Convince everyone else to start 'flipping' their lessons too!

Where to find us...

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