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Krashen's Monitor Model

No description

Alexis León

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Krashen's Monitor Model

The Monitor Hypothesis Acquisition Learning Hypothesis Krashen's Monitor Model The Natural Order Hypothesis The Input Hypothesis The Affective Filter Second Language Acquisition Krashen's Theories Acquisition Learning Conscious process.
Knowledge of the
language. Monitoring Planning
Conditions Time Knowledge Focus Grammatical Structures Natural and
predictable order. Comprehensible Input Written or spoken.
Current knowledge.
Higher level: i+1. Variables Self-confidence.
Anxiety. Emotions Positive Negative Subconscious process.
Real communication. Daniel Bedoya Restrepo
Alexis León García
Angélica Moncada Henao Presented by: Monitor
Over-users Monitor
Under-users Monitor
Optimal users Monitor Users
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