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Marketing ‘How To’ for

No description

Lauren Kirk

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Marketing ‘How To’ for

Marketing ‘How To’ for
Clubs & Societies
and Sports Zone.

If in doubt, get in touch!

Nick Manton
01786 467168

Lauren Kirk
01786 467186

Who are we and
what can we do for you?

Nick Manton: Communications Manager

01786 467168

Who else can help?

Mail Boxes Etc.
t: 01786449543

Castle House, 1 Baker Street, Stirling FK8 1AL
Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.30 Saturday 09.00 - 13.00


What is the point of this?

How am I going to communicate this?

Do I really need to print posters?

Who is my target audience?

What did we do last time and did that actually work?

Who can help me?

Where can we put up our posters?

How do we get stuff on the Union Facebook/Twitter/website?

Can you design a poster for us?

We want a huge A1 poster like the ones you have in the Union corridors.

How much is it to print on the Clubs printer?

Why have our posters been taken down?

Some marketing basics…

Logos and Branding
Posters & Design
Lauren Kirk: Communications,
Marketing & Events Coordinator

01786 467186



Quick question? Tweet us! @stirlingunion

No such thing as a stupid one.
Social Media
Can I say...?
Holding events
& actually speaking to people...
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