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Service Opportunities

No description

shasta bady

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Service Opportunities

STEM/STEAM PROJECT Program seeks to provide students with critical thinking and resiliency skills development to avoid attraction to harmful behaviors KEYSPOTS/FREEDOM RINGS Recreational Centers Reminders Commitments are until February. Service Opportunities What is Service Learning CURRENT SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES Learning strategy integrating meaningful community service and reflective practice to enrich learning, building civic engagement, and strengthen communities. Integration of science, technology, engineering, art, math Our goal is to create create simplistic workshops relating to the STEM and STREAM objectives, using basic digital photography and game design. Minimum of 12 commitment hours at specific site working with site Coordinators 41% of Philadelphians do not have internet access. Formed to tackle this problem, the Freedom Rings Partnership is comprised of grassroots organizations, government, and universities bringing Internet access, training and technology to communities citywide. DiSilvestro Playground- Broad & Morris Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center- 22nd & Lehigh Francisville Recreation Center-17th & Francis Shepard Recreation Center- 58th & Haverford Happy Hollow Playground - Wayne & Logan Slots fill up fast. Parent University is filled This doesn't conflict with your outside schedules. We will work with your training schedules and notify mentors Assess your personality type Contracts, evaluations, and meetings are made to create positive experiences, not to give you headaches William Dick Elementary
Thomas May Pierce
Alexander High School
Dimner Beeber Middle School Ages range from K-8
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