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Stalin's Terror Tactics: Censorship & Religion

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Laura Nornes

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Stalin's Terror Tactics: Censorship & Religion

Stalin's Terror Tactics: Censorship & Religion
Stalin's Terror
Stalin's communist party used secret police, torture, and violence to ensure obedience
Using terror and fear, Stalin violated his citizen's individual rights
No free press, no protesting
Grumblers or critics were sent to the
(brutal labor camps)
The Great Purge
Stalin always feared that the rival party was plotting against him
In 1934, the secret police strictly enforced on Old Bolsheviks, or party activists
Later targeted army heroes, industrial managers, writers, and ordinary people
Charged with crimes like counterrevolutionary plots and failure to meet production quotas
Results of the Purge
Purges increased Stalin's power
Soviet citizens were in fear of the consequences of disloyalty
Victims included most of the nation's military leaders and half of the military officers
This greatly effected Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941
Under Stalin, the state had almost total control over the arts
Government controlled books being published, music being listened to, and which art pieces to display
Artists and writers were required create their works in the style of
social realism
Social Realism was supposed to show Soviet life in a positive aspect and promote hope in the future
If the socialist-realists artists refused to obey the government's expectations, they had to face government persecution
A Jewish poet, Osip Mandelstam, was imprisoned, tortured, and exiled for composing a satirical verse
Even with the government's harsh laws, some Soviet writers created some magnificent work
War on Religion
Russification is making a nationality's culture more Russian
The communist party tried to control people's minds by destroying their religious faith.
Atheism became an official state policy
Other religions were persecuted
The state seized Jewish synagogues and banned the Hebrew language
Communists tried making their own version of "religion" by using the words of Marx and Lenin as their "sacred" text and have their own shrines, such as the tomb of Lenin
Paintings of Stalin replaced religious icons
This didn't prevent Soviet citizens from worshiping in private, against the government
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