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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room

No description

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room

Rising Actions
Falling Action
Characters vs. Characters

Characters vs Unknown
Charlie Alexander
Period 3
Genre: Mystery
Author: Lemony Snicket

Setting (The Main Ones)
A Series of Unfortunate Events : The Reptile Room
Book #2

1. Uncle Monty's Home
2. Uncle Monty's Community
Violet Baudelaire: Is the eldest out of the three rich children. She loves to invent things. When ever she ties her hair up she has an idea. Lastly she has to take care and protect Klaus and Sunny.

Klaus Baudelaire: Is the middle child. He loves books and everything about books. In his mansion the Baudelaire parents had a huge library and Klaus would spend hours in it.

Sunny Baudelaire: Sunny is the youngest child and Sunny was an unuaul child she loved to bite things. Anything she could get a hold of she would bite it.

Count Olaf (Stephano): Was a tall man, skinny, and was dressed in a gray suit that had very stains on it. He had an unshaved face and 1 long eyebrow, his eyes were very shiny which made him look hungry and angry.

Uncle Monty: A doctor that travels around the world to study snakes. The Baudelaire's new gaurdian.
After being adopted from Count Olaf they now move on to their "Uncle Monty". He is related to them by him being his sister's husband's cousin's children. When the Baudelaire arrive at his house they figure out that they are leaving for Peru for Uncle Monty's work (studying snakes).

1. The day before they are going to Peru Uncle Monty's assistant cannot come so he calls a backup Stephano. When Stephano comes to the door to come in, the children recognize that it is Count Olaf. Stephano disagrees with the children but they knew it was him trying to (once again) go after their fortune.

2. Throughout the day the children kept warning Uncle Monty that it was Count Olaf trying to get the children back so he can steal their fortune. Then finally, Uncle Monty believes them that it is an imposter trying to steal the Deadly Viper (snake) but Violet and Klaus keep telling him that it is Count Olaf. Uncle Monty takes Stephano's plane ticket and rips it up.

3. When Violet and Klaus tell Stephano that he is no longer going to Peru the next day. He then gets furiously mad and threatens the Violet and Klaus that he is going to Peru and he WILL get his hands on the fortune.
Life isn't always fair
When the children wake up and are ready to go to Peru they find Uncle Monty's body dead in the Reptile Room. They saw that he was very pale, his eye had to small holes a mark that would be made by a snake. When Stephano came into the room he felt as if he had just had revenge against them. He makes the children get in the car to head to Peru then suddenly...
...he crashes. Mr.Poe (the banker that has helped this whole time while their parents have been dead) crashed into Stephano and didn't realize the Baudelaire children where in the car. After the car crash they return in Stephano's car and head back to Uncle Monty's house to talk about what they will do with the Baudelaire children. While they are talking the Baudelaires are trying to convince Mr.Poe that Stephano killed Monty. As Uncle Monty did Mr. Poe ignored them so they had to come up with a plan. Sunny was going to pretend being attacked by the Deadly Viper while Violet went through Stephano's suitcase. When they saw Sunny Stephano told Mr. Poe that Deadly Vipers were harmless, but when Violet showed up with venom he used to kill Uncle Monty.
Mr. Poe asks Stephano to show him his ankle their was nothing there but the children asked to wipe off the make up he was wearing on his ankle and... there was the eye tattoo (the background pic) and they knew it was Count Olaf. As they saw the tattoo he ran off before Mr.Poe could arrest him. Then, the Baudelaires had to find their new guardian... Aunt Josephine.
Next Book
Count Olaf
Violet, Sunny, Klaus
Uncle Monty
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