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Resource Management Manual

No description

Gabrielle miles

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Resource Management Manual

Resource Management Manual What's included in the manual? Introduction
Surplus Property
Inventory Records and Forms Responsibilities
- School Principal or Director
- Property Coordinator
- Property Clerk
- Receiving and Tagging Equipment
- Accounting Department
- All Employees
- Separation of Duties Equipment
- Donations
- Purchases
- Classification of Equipment
- Requisitions
- Tagging
- Inspection
- Deviations from Specifications
- Damaged or Defective Equipment
- Completion of Delivery Copy of Purchase Order
- Receipt and Delivery of Equipment
- Normal Receiving Procedures
- Equipment Location
- Partial Shipments
- Direct Shipments
- Computer Listing of Property
- Accountability for Equipment
- Change in Accountability
- Employee-Owned Items
- Missing Items
- Use of Board of Education Property Inventory
- Property Database
- Acquisition of Data
- Item Description
- Location of Equipment
- Depreciation
- Inventory of Equipment
- Physical Inventory of School Equipment
- Results of Inventories
- Personally Owned Equipment
Surplus Property
- Request for Surplus Transfer
- Request for Transfer from Surplus
- Disposal of Surplus Property
- Process for Surplus Property Disposal
- Deletion of Property from the Database
Jonathan Brown
Emma Watts
Chandra Darr
Jeff Welch
Gabrielle Miles Grants
- Non-purchased Equipment
- Equipment Inventory
- Accountability for Property
Inventory Records and Form
- Equipment Acquisition Form
- Equipment Deletion Form
- Surplus Property Disposal Form
- Partial/Complete Receiving Report
- Equipment Inventory List
- Equipment Transfer Log
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