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No description

Mr Duke!

on 15 November 2016

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I am not being silly
I`m not being silly because i have done all my research and have come to a conclusion. Illuminati is real.
How do I prove it?
That is what this whole presentation is about.Since Illuminati is most commonly known in America, they would say Illumi-not-e. Therefore the illuminati is tricking us into thinking that it hasn`t got the sound `e` in it. If you think about it, all the celebties who make the illuminati sign have the sound `e` in their name.
That`s not the only reason
What is Illuminati?
Illuminati is a triangle with an eye who is evil and rules the world.
If you`re not convinced by that then i can give you another reason. Illuminati is about force. As a child, the thing that you are forced to do is to go to school. The leader of school is the teacher. The thing that you would associate with the teacher an apple. And Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world. I think that Apple is a victim of illuminati because all of Apple`s products start with `i`which happens to be part of illuminati. An eye.
Also, one of the only countries in the world who`s first letter starts with an `i`
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