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Father James Dixon

No description

Jed I Knight

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Father James Dixon

Father James Dixon
He was born in 1758, Castlebridge, Ireland.
Early Life
James was educated by a local priest. He was arrested in 1798 under suspicion that he was part of a rebellious Irish gang. He had previously commanded a group of the rebels in Tubberneering. He was tried in court and convicted under unproven evidence. According to Doctor Caulfield the bishop of Ferms, he was "probably mistaken for his brother Nicholas" Of whom took an active part in the rebellion. Nevertheless he was found guilty and sentenced to death. This was later recalled and changed to being transported for life. Here with permission from Governor Phillip Gidley he ran the first public masses
The neighborhood priest that taught him. Another influence is when he got to australia as on of the first three priests in Australia. The effects that the masses had on the convicts. The catholic church was also a massive influence on his journey through out his life because he wanted to be a priest.
Father James Dixon made a huge contribution
to the early catholic church in Australia by helping the convicts to understand the way of the Lord.
He also preached the good news to those in

James dixon was best known for one of the first 3 priests in Australia. As he got older he was known
for many other famous things such as.
Made a huge contribution to the catholic church by being one of the first priest in Australia.
Peformed the first catholic mass and catholic marriages

Other Info
In 1808 he obtained permission to return to Ireland where he became a priest in Crossabeg.

No Matter what he was Told James decided to still preach the word of the Lord.

He was probably the first and only paid priest in Australia earning a wage of 60 Euro.

Unfortunately James Died in 1840 at the Age of 82 in Crossabeg, Ireland

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