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C2-Reinvestment project

The outsiders

Luca Colagiacomo

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of C2-Reinvestment project

This conflict would never have happend, first of all if the Socs would have just let the kids go. And secondly, if Johnny would have stabbed him in an other area, it would just have scared him off. This conflict can not be resolved because you can not reverse death And lastly, Johnny could of just pushed David off of Pony instead of stabbing someone who wasn't even touching him. Johnny kills Bob Darry slaps Pony This conflict can be resolved by Pony getting home in time. Character vs. character It can also be resolved by Darry not slapping Pony but by reprimanding what he did. Greasers vs. Socs From my point of view, this conflict can not be resolved because this rivalry has been going on for too long. And what made it even worse is that one of the Socials (Bob) gets killed by one of the Greasers (Johnny), so that does not really help. http://im.glogster.com/media/5/20/97/13/20971377.jpg http://pd.scisdragons.net/7english/files/2011/11/The-Outsiders-Gang.jpeg http://im.glogster.com/media/4/13/6/16/13061661.jpg http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/30600000/Darry-Curtis-the-outsiders-30623249-560-330.jpg Johnny Bob THE OUTSIDERS
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