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Apple Inc.

No description

Zuhair Siddiqui

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Apple Inc.

Apple/Apple Computers
Hi Guys, my name is Zuhair and today I will be teaching you about Apple. Not the eating type of apple, the company Apple. I will be teaching you about who was the founder(s), history of Apple, old and new products of Apple and some facts.
Who was The Founder(s)
History Of Apple
Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. They partnership began years before that, though. Jobs and Wozniak sold their most valuable items, which in total is $1300. Jobs hired many local computer enthusiasts. Most of them were still in high school,though. In 1977 Jobs hired Regis McKenna who designed the Apple logo. McKenna also advertised the computers Apple made into magazines.
Old And New Products of Apple:Part One
Old and New products of Apple:Part Two
Quick Facts About The Founder And The Company
Apple 2
Apple Watch
Iphone 6s
Ipod (2001)
The founders of Apple are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955 and Steve Wozniak was born on August 11th, 1950. Steve Jobs has 4 kids: Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Erin Siena Jobs, Eve jobs, and Reed Jobs. Steve Wozniak had no kids, but had 4 wives: Alice Robertson, Candice Clark, Suzanne Mulkern, and Janet Hill as his wife right now. Steve Jobs had 2 wives: Chirstann Brennan and Laurene Powell.
In the early 21th century, Apple decided to create a music player, called Ipod. The device was smaller than a deck of cards and it has storage of 5 gigabytes which holds up to 1000 songs.
Who Was Steve Jobs by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso and Illustrated by John O'Brien
Ipad Pro
Lisa Computer
Lisa computer was named after Steve Jobs's daughter, Lisa. It also stands for Local Integrated Software Architecture. The Lisa computer introduced the mouse, the hand-controlled pointer, and presented pictures on the screen that got commanded by the keyboard.
Iphone 6s is one of the latest products of Apple. Apple made a new feature for Iphone 6s called the 3-D touch. 3-D touch allows you to peek and pop when you tape an email, website, photos, and addresses. For example, if you want to check an email, you press lightly to peek at the email and push harder to open it.
The Apple Watch is also a new product by Apple. You can get all sorts of notifications and instead of getting your phone from your pocket, you can just look on your wrist to check them. It can track your heartbeat, listen to music, phone calls, make purchases, you can also use Siri on the Apple watch and more.
It has a beautiful 12.9 inch retina display, with multi-touch technology, and is almost double the computer performance the Ipad Air 2 has. Its more faster, easier, and very engaging.
Ipod Nano
With a 2.5 inch multi-touch display, it allows you to listen to music, view photos and videos. You can also watch episodes you love from Hollywood to home videos right on your mini device. Another feature the Ipod Nano has, is a feature that allows people who have a disability to still be able to enjoy music, audiobooks, and more.
Apple has created a light weigh, super thin laptop. Macbook. It has 12-inch retina display and has 3 million pixels, its weigh of 0.92kg, has the thickness of 13.1mm.
The Apple 2 computer is the first microcomputer to use colour graphics. It also has a tv set as a screen. It was invented in April 1977 and reached 1 million dollars by June 1977.
The reason why the company was named "Apple" was because the co-founder, Steve Jobs, liked fruit
Steve Jobs loses power over Apple in 1985
On October 5th 2011, Steve Jobs dies from pancreatic cancer
So, in conclusion I have told you about who were the founders of Apple, history of Apple, some old and new products of Apple, and some facts about Apple. Thank you for listening to my presentation and I hoped you enjoyed it.
Steve Jobs also founded Pixar and NeXT company
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