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The Hero

No description

Meagan Rosie

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of The Hero

The Hero
Blade is known as the hero because of his bravery, loyalty, and messed up childhood that drives him to carry out all the things he does.
The Blade Trilogy
The Mentor
Whistler is known as the mentor due to his under taking of Blade, his knowledge, and his death in the first movie. He has a determination to help blade and help him with all his needs.
The Villain
Vampires are the villains throughout the Blade series. In the first it was a man named Deacon Frost, the second is a new bread, and the last is Dracula. They are all after him to kill him, take his power, and stop him from stopping them.
The Magic Weapon
Blades magic weapon is his sword. Its part of him and he uses it to kill the vampires that after him. it has hidden traps to stop it from being taken from him or used by others.
The Wound
Blade being part vampire is his burden. It may give him strength but, he also has the thirst. He won't drink blood and the suppliments won't work.
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