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ahmed yehia

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

you have to choose which way you use
the material
3 year :Micro controller – data structure – control 1-2- software engineering – data communication - OS – hardware (VHDL -verilog)

4 year :database – networks – AI – CI – image processing – simulation “ control” 1,Optimal control – security

for computer science :
Math (1,2,3,4) , Physics(1,2), English(1,2), Data and File Structure, Differential Equations, Operation Research, Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Algorithms Analysis and Design , Logic Programming, , Operating System, Graphics, System Analysis and Design,Data Base, Computer Architecture , Software Engineering

where we work!

1- database “oracle” - banks - any Company deals with costumer
2- Networks "TEdata"
3- Embedded systems "Autosar"
4- Web design "recommended for girls"
5- Mobile applications "elyom elsab3" + AI search Engine
6- Researches "microsoft - algorithms"
the salary:
Salary is between 2000 – 5000 as a start
3- Doctors
1-dr: mohamed sob7 (security - C++ -
2-dr:gamal abdelshafy (Software Engineering - artificial intelligence )
3- dr: basem (microcontroller)
4-dr :yosra (complier - Computer orgnization)
5- dr: ahmed zaky - seif (Control)
6- dr :hoda (Database)
7-Dr : sahar (Operation systems)
9-dr :taher + hazem sa3eed (Data structure)
10 - ayman wahba (Hardware Verilog)
2- Microcontroller
3- Web design
4- VHDL - verilog
5- programming concepts

Contact me
facebook accunt : ahmed yehia
Email: ahmed.yehia.2012@gmail.com
mobile : 010 - 64006 -755

1- what is the different between CS / CSE
computer science - information system - Scientific computing
2- what about work
3- courses

Some advices
1-you have really to choose you life path
2- never be the "IM3A" be the one
3- you have to have a value
4- don't wait the chance to come - studing is not -ONLY- the path-
Graduation Projects
Image processing
Car analyzer
Robot (maps + xbox )
Home automation / internet - mobile app
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