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SBL Workbook

No description

Nikki Morrell

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of SBL Workbook

Great teachers (like you) are already aware of which standards they teach during the year!
The new SBL workbook is simply a place for you to gather your thoughts about your unit.
What standards are you teaching?
What are your essential questions?
How will you assess your students' understanding and mastery of these concepts? Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Oh, man. Here we go... The SBL Unit Design Workbook is easy to use.
The spreadsheets are difficult to "mess up"
Just click and type
Click on drop-down menus to add standards
All print settings have been set and saved for you
Download a new workbook from the SBL website at any time
www.sites.google.com/site/lmpsbg Save Time by Using the Workbook A better understanding of how accurately you are assessing your students' understanding of your content! Standards Based Learning The SBL Workbook Aligning our Standards with our Assessments Technology is Confusing...
or is it? This new workbook will make creating unit/lesson plans QUICK and painless!
You'll save time:
Put your unit lesson plans, essential questions, and standards in one place! (No more file-searching)
Align the standards you will assess with each summative or formative assignment (dropdown menus with your standards make it easy)
Keep track of your essential questions (they copy from one week to the next)
Plan each weekly lesson (in one place)
Print/save lesson plans in PDF form (for edmodo or skyward uploads) Time, Time, Time Aligning Our
Standards And
Assessments Technology Making Your
Life Easier! Click here to
find your workbook It's Like Magic!
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