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Optional extras and apps (TED talk)

No description

David Armstrong

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Optional extras and apps (TED talk)

What we will discuss:
Why is this important?
What's Here and What's Next?
Conclusion: Putting it All Together
Perspective + Prediction = Prologue
Auguste Comte
"Demography is destiny"
On Demography and Destiny:
For the first time in the history of humankind:

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have become the leading cause of global mortality (60%)
Diabetes is now responsible for 4 million deaths each year, overtaking HIV/AIDS
BMJ 2009;339:b2857
Three Questions
Steve Jones, UKSCF.org
Risks to Global Development
The Three Ages of Death

The richer we are, the longer we live
$47 Trillion by 2030*
World Economic Forum, 2009
Eva Jane-Llopis, WEF chronic disease, 2011
Stop-gap or functional evolution?
Weaving Organs?
1. Regrowth, Replacement, Repair
Phones now: Brains later?
miracle of the black leg
1. Regrowth, Replacement, Repair
2. Hardware Upgrades
3. Optional Extras (...and Apps)
Stem Cells / Matrices
Hugh Herr (MIT)
Cybernetic devices
What makes us, us?
Dave Raichlen (UA)
Quantity might not equal quality
*35 trillion cells in our body
These costs pose the potential for calamity
Declaration of Independence...

Later in Life: Hospital or Home?
respect and humility
BCI = Brain Computer Interface
How is it placed? (superficially on brain)
Brain scan to identify activity.
Bypassing the damaged spinal cord?
Yoon lab Dustin H.
Justin Lynn
Wearable Muscle
Wearable Robots
Will Borden
Extremes on the Extremity
the gift of perspective
All-in-one transplant team: the future is now
Replacement Renaissance
Returning the gift of pain in a similar fashion?
The Quantified Self (QS)
Epidermal Electronics
"medical tattoos"
iPhone/Siri = voicetech
next = mindtech?
RTIHS.org, 2011
Darkins, et al, Telemedicine and e-Health, 2008
$38,347/mo = basic hospital
$13,121/mo = in home care
$1,600/mo = telehealth
Next: (real) avatars?
Tachi Lab, Keio University
Cutting (out) the (spinal) Cord
An Open Marriage?
Matrix + Stemcell + Gene = new lease on leg?
Matt Scott
Knowledge = Matter
Ideas = Dark Energy
Ideas fill the space between disparate galaxies of knowledge

Ideas are harder to see.

More important?

They accelerate change.
No monitor? No Problem. Contact Lenses at Best Buy?
University of Washington
We have become emotionally attached to our gadgets
Nanoyarn, UT Dallas

Solid Organ (Kidney, Heart, Lung, Pancreas, Liver, Intestine)
Bone Marrow
Novel: Cellular transplants
New: Composite tissue
We are entering into an era of decay
Delay Decay
Just say OK to decay
Disobey Decay
Ekso Bionics
Raytheon Sarcos
Continuous video recording:
Memory Engineering?
On Humility > Hubris
Cells need a place to call home
2. Hardware Upgrades
28,000 transplants per year in USA
about 50% kidney, 25% Liver, 25% Other
Safe in Home: Home Security System
Safe in Body: Health Security System
No more 418 pound power pack (now 13.5 pounds)*
Machine Augmented Cognition
Like a Prius for your body

BMJ 2009;339:b2857
Horacio Rilo, MD, PhD
*No more heavy heart
Measuring how people move through their environment
...because we are what we do
A new world view?
Stem Cells:
1. Embryonic Stem Cells (ES) "totipotent"
2. Adult stem cells "multipotent"
Common Present Sources: Bone marrow (HSC and MSC), Adipose
Jiang XY, et al, DRCP, 2012
Rogers LC, Bevilacqua N, Armstrong DG, Int Wound J, 2008
less hubris + more humility = more potential?
To delay decay, let's tour
redefining the housecall?
Social Contract = Personal Health Contract = "Reputation Economy"
Old steps = New Steps
Threat to species
Surgeons, Twins, Saints
IP address = Social Security number?
*or social insecurity number?
High Mobility Group Box 1 (HMGB1) "distress signal"
Tamai, et al, PNAS 2012
PDGFR alpha positive
Grand Unifying Theory
Armstrong, Rogers, Giovinco, Mills, ePlasty, 2011
Aging at the forefront
Three Stops:
1. Regrowth/Regeneration
2. Hardware Upgrades
3. Optional Extras and Apps
Bao, et al, AAAS, 2/2011
Pressure, DNA, chemicals (vapor, liquid)
Combined: stretchable solar cells
"Prediction is always difficult"
...especially when it concerns the future."
"Prediction is always difficult...
Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde
83 yo, Belgium
what we search for on the web = what we search for in life?
taking control of this information
Warren Breidenbach, MD (UA)
Goal: Covering distance with the least energy expended to get to calories
Can prevention pay?
“Knowledge is like a sphere:
The greater its volume, the larger its contact with the unknown”
Blaise Pascal
embryonic regeneration program
...what if our memories were never "summarized"?
If we are the sum of our memories...
instead of walking down memory lane...
...walk with a superhighway of memory.
“For every one mistake made for not knowing…ten are made for not looking”
screen, input method(s), computer/memory
Smart Insoles?
Smart Bathmats?
to do this...
What's next?
Nasty, Brutish... and Long
T. Hobbes
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