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Anti-aging Medicine


Tayven Urbanc

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Anti-aging Medicine

Anti-aging Technology By; Tayven Urbanc, Baylor Carper, and Jasah Dwyer Anti-aging medicine includes pills, vitamin and mineral supplements, creams, and foods with health properties. What is it?
Aging is a progressive failure of metabolic processes and medicines are supposed to reverse this process. Anti-aging medicine is part of the field of Biotechnology and health care. Using this technology, life expectancy will increase, as well as people's appearances. "Conventional and alternative medical disciplines are used in an integrated approach to achieve the best possible result for the patient." Anti-aging technology could possibly over-populate the world causing living conditions to decrease. This technology will help you live less stressful lives and you won't have to go through the ailments of being an elderly person. The less fortunate would not be able to afford this technology so it would be only the rich people that would benefit from the technology. This technology is aimed at the elderly population to reduce aging and the physical appearance of aging. Scientists have developed creams and pills to help reduce the flaws of again, yet they have not found a solution to stall the aging process. Sources;
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