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World War I

No description

Derek Wahlstrom

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of World War I

A Two Front War
Western Front
The Schlieffen Plan
Germany would try to defeat France quickly and then concentrate on Russia
Expectation was for a quick war due to the new weapons that existed
The battles weren’t quicker, just more deadly
Germany was forced to fight a two front war
Eastern Front
Russia was expected to be slow in mobilizing their troops, but they were able to invade more quickly than Germany anticipated
Russia’s economy hurt them as they fought in the war
Russian loss of life was enormous
The War goes Global
Fighting in the Middle East
Allies wish to take Constantinople
Hope to establish a supply line to Russia
Allies evacuate after losing 250,000 casualties
Battles in Africa
German colonies are lost
Conflict reaches Asia
British & French colonists support the mother land in hope of gaining their independence
The US joins the fray
German policy of unrestricted submarine warfare
Sinking of the Lusitania
The Zimmermann Telegram
Germany would help Mexico regain its lost land if it attacked the US
US enters on the side of the Allies
The Effect of War @ Home
Total War Effort
All resources are used to fight the war
Government told businesses what to make
Rationing – Civilians could only purchase a small amount of a good so it could be saved for the soldiers
Biased information used to persuade
The Role of Women in WWI
Replaced men in factories
Hospitals @ home and on the battlefield
The End of the War
Russia Withdraws
Russian Revolution that leads to the Soviet Union
Collapse of the Central Powers
Germany was able to make one last push into France
The arrival of American troops allows Allies to advance toward Germany
Bulgarians & Ottoman Empire surrender
Armistice is signed on November 11, 1918
The Treaty of Versailles
Wilson’s 14 Points
League of Nations
The goal of England & France
National Security
Weaken Germany
Creation of Nations
Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia are created out of Austria-Hungary
Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are freed from Russia’s control
Germany is punished
Reparations totaling $33 Billion
Creates bitterness toward victorious nations
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