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Apps for learning and productivity

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Ellen Powell

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Apps for learning and productivity

Top 10 Apps:
The Essential Toolkit for University
Apps for Learning and Productivity
Sometimes, the hardest part of doing a research project is getting started. Tools such as ScoopIt, Pintrest and Flipboard make the task of finding and selecting relevant and useful information easy by allowing you to:

Search for specific content
Follow topics in order to discover the latest online articles and information written about your subject/interest
Gather online articles and curate your own personalised boards/magazines that can be shared and accessed from any of your devices.

There are an overwhelming amount of free online tools and apps which allow you to create professional looking and impressive online content, from presentations and animations to blog posts, Your choice of tool depends partly on your personal preference, but also on your project.

Ultimately, using online tools such as those displayed here will impress your students, lecturers and potential employers!

But remember, having relevant and well-considered content is ESSENTIAL to really get the most out of these amazing tools!

Creating online content: Presentation tools
When using these online tools and apps you need to make sure you are being

The way that others view you, and the future of your career may depend on the way YOU present yourself and your work online.
This Prezi has shown you a variety of the online tools and apps that are available to you to help develop your digital research, presentation and organisation skills.

The apps mentioned are not exhaustive of all those available but make an excellent starting point... Try not to be overwhelmed by the choice, but instead take your time to test some of these apps out and find out which work best for YOU!
Online bookmarking tools: Curating your own topics
Twitter as a research tool
Reference Generators
Online reference generators are a great way to store your references and create perfect citations according to your Faculty's required style.

Choose from a huge variety of referencing styles, and export your bibliography into your essay.

Most reference generators can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet and desktop, meaning that you can access your references from any devices.

Unable to attend a meeting?
Believe it or not, Twitter is becoming an increasingly powerful and common online research tool which allows you to find and keep up to date with the latest information and research on your topic, whilst also engaging in online discussions.

Follow individuals and organisations with expertise in your field:
Many researchers and academics tend to post links to online articles of interest or web sources; and often, many academics will respond to direct tweets and requests - so don't be afraid to ask for their insights!

Use subject specific hashtags
Hashtags (#) allow you to search for information relating to a keyword/phrase and engage in online discussions about your topic
CamScanner: Your mobile scanner!
Have you ever run out of time to read a chapter of a textbook before you have to return it back to the Library? Stumbled across some important information but do not have the time or a pen to write it down? Introducing... CamScanner!

CamScanner turns your device into your own personal and portable scanner that captures and converts documents and images into PDF files which you can then crop, enhance annotate and share via email and Evernote. Accessible on all your devices.

Take Note!
....Apps such as Periscope and Skype allow you to create video and conference calls with members who are unable to physically attend a group meeting.
Allows you to live broadcast your meeting, whilst others can watch and join in the discussion.

To find out more, go to
Allows you to call and video call individuals, and set up conference calls
By Ellen Powell
Uses your device's camera to capture any of your sources by scanning a book's barcode, and automatically converts this record into a citation according to your chosen referencing style.
Mindmaps are a great way to review and test your knowledge of a topic area. By creating mindmaps on your device, you are then able to access them wherever you go and share them with friends and colleagues.
'PostIt Plus' captures your post-it notes using your device's camera, and then converts these into movable objects which you can edit and rearrange on your screen.

By making your sticky notes portable, PostIt Plus is a perfect tool for planning an essay or revising for an exam no matter where you are!
Got a group project to do? Tired of trying to communicate and organise your work through long email threads or annoying Facebook groups?

Slack allows you to:
Create channels for different topics/tasks
Direct message colleagues
Create private groups for sensitive information
Drag, drop and share your files
Access your group conversations and resources on all devices
Slack - online group communication tool
Trello allows you to:

Create 'boards' for each of your projects
Create lists of tasks that need to be completed
Allocate members of a team to particular tasks
Set deadlines and reminders

Perfect for group projects and team management!

Provides a visually attractive and easy means of organising your (group) projects and achieving team goals.
To find out more about Trello, go to: https://trello.com/tour
Evernote: The King of all apps
Save paper, save time, and take notes using apps such as Noteshelf, Evernote or Penultimate. That way, you can edit your work, access it on the move, back it up, and share it with others. Not to mention you lose the risk of your dog eating your homework!

To get the most out of these note-taking apps, it is worth having a Stylus pen as this will allow you to write/draw freely as you normally would.
Note: Noteshelf is only accessible on iPads
Online storage app for your documents, photos and videos.
Allows you to collaborate with your team members by sharing and editing your files together.
(Dropbox is also great for personal use and file storage!)
Upload, back-up and share your files
Create and share documents, live forms, presentations and spreadsheets with colleagues, who can then collaborate by editing these documents
Google Drive allows you to:
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