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Arayat National Park

No description

Liezel Charmaine Te

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Arayat National Park

Long before the supermalls changed Pampanga’s landscape and became favorite family hang-outs, everyone’s choice destination for natural relaxation was Mount Arayat National Park. Scene of many excursions from many decades past, the park was actually conceived by Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, who, in the early 1930s took a liking to the lush, soothing environs of the fabled mountain. Pres. Quezon himself led the way towards the establishment of the park by developing his own hacienda in Arayat. His Kaledian estate was where he sought refuge from the pressure of his work, often retreating there together
Monday, March 3, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A. Historical Background
B. Organization Principle
C. Determining Factors
Management Office
Mt. Arayat National Park is located at the municipality of Arayat in the province of Pampanga. It is just over an hour away from Metro Manila, driving all the way the North Luzon Expressway to San Simon Exit, and straight ahead to Arayat, Pampanga.
In 1993, the national park was declared a tourist spot by the enactment of Republic Act 7690. Republic Act 7690 is an act declaring Arayat National Park in the municipality of Arayat, province of Pampanga, a tourist spot.
In an effort to revitalize tourism again in Arayat, Rep. Rey Aquino, in response, has urged the House of Representatives to declare the mountain an eco-tourism haven. It is hoped that in the near future, fair Mount Arayat can reclaim once more its stature as a natural monument, whose beauty and grandeur radiates throughout the great Central Plain.
Arayat National Park
On 27 June 1933, the national park was thus established. Plans were set in motion for the park’s immediate development. Buracan Lake, for instance, a picturesque sanctuary of flora and fauna west of the mountain was looked at as a health resort. Also, as a wildlife reserve, all form of hunting were prohibited in the area.
Today, Mount Arayat National Park, even if it has degenerated into a local resort with little infrastructures, has a few attractions to offer. It boasts of a picnic site with lush greeneries, two swimming pools fed by natural spring waters, recreation halls and various plant and animal life like monkeys, civets and native birds.
To uplift the quality of life & public service towards a progressive and peaceful place. We envision Arayat to be service- oriented with pro- active approach to lift citizenry.
To strengthen commitment to public service based on ethical standard and professionalism in order to promote moral and satisfaction among our constituents and clientele.
Restroom/shower room
Dancing Pavilion
Swimming pools
Camping Ground
Picnic Shed
Parking Space
C. Determining Factors
Tour Assistance
Security and Safety
Public Area Assistance
C. Determining Factors
Swimming pools
Picnic Spot
C. Determining Factors
Management Office
Restroom/shower room
The park where you can reach the sky
Sector Management
Arayat National Park is protected and managed by The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Regional Office and there is a co-management agreement between DENR and provincial government headed by the current mayor, Mayor Emmanuel M. Alejandrino, allowing them to supervise the progress and rehabilitation of the park.
Laws and Regulations
Codes of Conduct to be Observed
1.The park is open to the public every day until 6:00 p.m.
2.Place trash in trash receptacles only. If trash receptacles are not provided, take your refuse with you.
Never dump or deposit trash on any park lands or in park waters.
3.Cooperate in keeping the restrooms and shower rooms in a neat and sanitary condition.
4.Do not set fires except in designated cooking areas. Picnickers must completely extinguish all fires before leaving the park. Never throw lighted matches, burning cigarettes or other flammable material in any park area.
5.Never damage, pollute, disfigure or remove any natural resource, structures or equipment in the parks.
6.Do not hunt, kill, molest, frighten or tease any animals, reptiles or birds in the park.
7.Wearing of proper swimming attire

Vicinity / Area
Destination Status
Based on Butler’s Model, the Mt. Arayat National Park is under the Involvement Stage. The development of the destination is under the control of the regional and provincial government. The destination seeks to attract more tourists. After opening the park to the public, they planned to add more facilities and services. They provide more job opportunities for the local community such as farmers.
E. Source of Market
a. Existing Market
- The local residents of Pampanga
- Few visitors from nearby towns and provinces

b. Potential / Target Market
- International tourists
- Locals from other parts of the country
- Family and friends

There is a septic tank that serves as their sewage system
There is an established power supply. (PELCO 1- Pampanga Electronic Cooperative Inc.)
Water supply is from the deep well; other residents have their own water pumps.
Roads and bridges are accessible. (Calumpit-Apalit Biodike Bridge)
Municipal hall, hospitals, schools, churches are built and seen around the area.

II. Site Analysis
1.Tourism Activities
Recreational activities such as rock wall climbing and water ball activity
- Cost of Project:

Proposed new Developments/Projects
- Justification
We proposed these activities as an additional attraction inside the park.
- Relevance
Visitors especially children and young adults will have fun aside of enjoying the natural water of the pool in the park.

Community Development
2.Tree Planting Activity
- Cost of Project:

- Justification
We proposed this activity in order to support and sustain the natural environment of Arayat.

- Relevance
They will not only enjoy the activity but they can also help the environment at the same time and appreciate the beauty of nature. It can also lessen the cause of natural disaster in the future.

3.Tourism Facilities
Sports facilities, such as courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton.
- Cost of Project:
estimated cost up to P125,000.00

- Justification
We proposed this facility for the visitors to have fun and bonding with friends or family; enjoy their stay at the park.

- Relevance
Having sports facilities on the park makes an additional pleasure to the tourist; it promotes good health and develops the camaraderie relationship.

4.Tourism Services
Spa/Massage Service
- Cost of Project:

- Justification
We proposed this service for the visitors to experience extra relaxation service offered by the national park management.

- Relevance
The visitors will have as they enjoy the cozy and environmental surroundings of the national park

Wifi Zone
- Cost of Project:

- Justification
We proposed this service because people nowadays seek for internet connection. Putting up an internet on the park is a great help of promotion by means of internet tourist could easily share their feelings, thoughts, and comments about the beauty of the park.

- Relevance
It will serve as a promotional tool offered by the management and will be utilize by the visitors. Visitors could easily upload their best captured moments in the park and let others see the beauty of the destination.

Souvenir shop
- Cost of Project:

- Justification
We proposed this in order to promote the delicacies and native products of Arayat and whole province of Pampanga.

- Relevance
Aside from giving extra income to the park, souvenirs help to retain
The memories that a tourist experience to the park.. The souvenir symbolizes and promotes the tourist destination of the park; serves as the image of a given destination.

Proposed Improvements on Existing Development or Resources
Renovation of playground
Cost of project: P88,000.00

Additional restrooms and shower rooms
Cost of project: P670,000.00

Renovation of playground
Cost of project: P88,000.00

Additional restrooms and shower rooms
Cost of project: P670,000.00

Proper segregation of wastes
Cost of project:

Additional restrooms and shower rooms
Cost of project: P670,000.00

Renovation and redevelopment of food center
Marketing and Promotion
A. Marketing and Promotional Strategy to be Employed
>Press advertising
>Advertising in all press such as newspapers, magazines and journals.
>Advertising on social media, creating links to the website from other websites, publishing blogs, social networks and forums, posting online advertisements

B. Marketing Paraphernalia to be used
>Social media account
>Promotional materials such as brochures, leaflets and flyers
>Print ads thru newspapers and magazines

SWOT Analysis
o Proper rehabilitation and utilization of natural resources
o Water in the national park is always replaced after the day of operations
o The drained water from the pools of national park (from swimming pools) serves as irrigation to the farmers
o Accessibility to the tourists because it is over an hour away from Metro Manila
o Richness of natural heritage, presence of uncontaminated natural environment

o Will give employment upon the development of the park
o Increase of number of tourist upon the development of the park
o Diminish the number of people who are unemployed
o Mt. Arayat National Park as a tourist destination

o Improper waste disposal
o Poor safety and security management
o Health services around the park is not available
o Less in advertisement
o Lack of stairways and pathways

o Charcoal production which lead to recent landslides and erosion
o The destination classified as hide out of New People’s Army
o Natural disasters
o Lack of sustainable livelihood for local stakeholders

We therefore conclude that both public and private sectors have important roles to play in maintaining the quality of the environment and of the tourism experience in the Arayat national park. The public sector is involved with land-use regulations, building regulations, providing infrastructure, investing incentives and fiscal controls, and influencing over the demand for tourism through control of public access. The private sector is the one who is responsible for product, price, promotion, place and people.

We concluded that the Arayat national park is important because we have seen a lot of educational opportunities. More guests coming means more people are appreciating the beauty of the place. Arayat National park is a place of natural beauty with history of Arayat Pampanga itself. Many people or residents are having fun bushwalking, swimming, camping or having a picnic. There are lots of things to do in the park such as taking photographs, enjoying the view and enjoying the fresh air.

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