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EPQ Process

No description

Ollie Bream McIntosh

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of EPQ Process

titles Choosing My Subject My EPQ Process Spanish language and linguistics

South American and Spanish literature

Hispanic culture, art, music, and history Choosing My Title Using My Sources Conducting My Research Planning My Essay Loose and flexible planning

Six key sections
CONCLUSION Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths:
passion and knowledge increased
ability to read with 'Spanish eye' developed
use of terminology, mature style
time management shoddy
topic was largely unexplored academic niche
essay style was very dense My findings Evaluate and Compare Cultural Influences in Portrayals of Key Themes in Camilo
José Cela’s ‘La Familia de Pascual Duarte’
and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘El Coronel
No Tiene Quien Le Escriba’ Element of comparison

Specific texts from each sub-culture

Focus on specific themes A Comparison of Themes In
Classic Literary Texts From
Spanish America and Spain Compare Themes in a Spanish and South
American Text and Evaluate How and
Why the Representations of Cultures
Differ in the Two Areas Reading the texts

Soft Research

Instituto Cervantes Bethell, L. (1998) Latin America
Politics and Society Since 1930.
Cambridge University Press. Spires, R.C. (1972) Hispanic Review:
Systematic Doubt: The Moral Art of
La Familia de Pascual Duarte.
University of Pennsylvania Press. The Holy Bible.
English Standard Version (ESV). Wikipedia (2012). La Violencia.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Violencia
[accessed 24 October 2012] Manuela Gil Pérez, interviewed by Oliver Bream
McIntosh on 7th April 2012 and Martha Cortes, interviewed by Oliver Bream McIntosh on 2nd September 2012. Transcript not recorded. Unpublished notes available. Both interviewees
gave their consent for their words and ideas
to be included in this essay. Civil War Catholicism Franquismo Massacres Conservative Christianity La Violencia Censorship Rebel Groups Fascism Media Laws
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