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my catapult


Josh Carlson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of my catapult

My Catapult
by: Josh Carlson SUPPLIES:
bungee cords

My catapult is class 3 lever.
I know this because the effort is
in the middle, the load is at the top,
and the fulcrum, the point at which
it rotates, is at the bottom. WHAT CLASS IS IT? HOW DOES IT WORK? My catapult works by attaching
bungee cords to a hook that's attached
to a peice of wood. On either side of the
wood, there are two 2x4's with a large screw
going threw all three peices, which makes it rotate.
After you attach the bungee cord around the hook,
you have to make a loop which makes it tighter.
By making it tighter, there is more output work being done
when you realease the arm. By making it tighter, there is more
potential energy being stored, which
means that once used turns into a lot of
kinetic energy and is very useful. The more
potential energy you have though, means it turns
into kinetic energy faster.
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