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Delaware PM

No description


on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Delaware PM

The First State: Delaware
Economic Location
Historic Location
Geographic Location
Political Location
Welcome to the Old State House
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Delaware's Economy
Delaware's History
Delaware's Geography
Delaware's Government
Road Trip Distance
Welcome to the Delaware Bay

This is the Delaware Bay,
It is famous for it's oysters
and crabbing. In the middle
there is Pea Patch Island.
Welcome to Pea Patch island
It is home to Fort Delaware. It was a prison camp in the civil war. It is in Delaware Bay!
Welcome to the Cypress Swamp
It is home to many cypress trees. It is the largest fresh water swamp in Delaware. It is also home to a state park
This is the old state house. This used to be the state capital building. This is made of bricks and it is 2 stories tall.
welcome to Dover Delaware
welcome to Dover Speedway. This is home to many NASCAR fans. This speedway is home to many different racers
This is a elevation map of Delaware.
1. 1st state was Delaware
2.Some people think they saw a alien in Dover
3.The state bird is A Blue Hen.
4.The American Holly is the state tree.
5. A really Stupid law in Delaware is you can not Trick or Treat after 8pm
Delaware has lots of food and growing jobs

the main crops are:
Apple Harvesting
Peaches Harvesting
It was the 1st state so:
1. George Washington went down the Delaware river in the Revolution War
Great Britain tried to shoot cannons at Delaware
Currently the governor is Jack Markell.
6. It is illegal to tailgate
8. The state fish is the weak fish
9. The state song is called The Our Delaware
10. The state bug is The Ladybug
It's capitol is Dover.
Delaware's population is
Delaware also has 3 counties.
this is a road map of Delaware.
this is a countie map of Delaware.
this is a physical map of Delaware.
this is elevation map
Delaware Bay to Pea Patch Island is going to be 40miles
Pea Patch Island to Cypress swamp is 85miles
Cypress swamp to Old State House is 50miles
Old State house to Dover Speedway is
3.4 miles to get to all of these locations
from WCE is 1,938.4 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS is the Dover Demon
thanks for watching!
Henry Moore
Raine Glover
Tyler Williams
He so boss right now
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