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Living and working on the web

No description

Leigh Ravenhill

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Living and working on the web

Module Goals
Living and working on the web

Become more knowledgeable about online profiles and how to manage them successfully
Profile is still under construction
Not only did I learn about various platforms but also the importance of being wise about what information you make available.
Increased privacy settings on Facebook and use Twitter instead.
Move beyond traditional CV.
How to use social media to benefit future endeavors
following companies that interest me and have also connected with a selection of graduate recruitment agencies.
I make an effort everyday to follow someone new on twitter or Instagram.
Using Twitter and LinkedIn to help gain future employment.
Gaining experience with using multiple online platforms
I have learnt to embed videos and have also started to understand the concept of following blogs, the value of posts and how interesting blogs based in the professional world can be.
Have now used tweet deck, About me, prezi, powtoons, YouTube account, infograph creating softwear, Instagram, Slideshare, Haiku deck, Dipity timeline, Scoop it and a Gravatar.

Surprise Lessons
Power of social media
Re-blogging of my posts in America.
Open Access and Ethics were particularly interesting
Due to this experience I feel more comfortable with contributing to online communities.
Skills were transferable to other modules.
At the start
I was a 'digital resident' without question.
Did not participate on online communities and
did not create any online materials.

My goals at the beginning of this module:

Become more knowledgeable about online profiles
and how to manage them successfully.
Learn how to use social media to benefit
future social and professional endeavors.
Gain experience with using multiple online platforms.

How did this module help me achieve these goals?

Where to go from here
Develop my blog to focus on demographic
Get more involved in Twitter and direct
my posts to a specific interest.
Drastically improve my LinkedIn
and About Me accounts as well as online
Decide on a structured online profile
and make sure all my accounts are linked
and follow that theme.
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