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cosmetic MAC 4p

No description

munhee kim

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of cosmetic MAC 4p

by MUNHEE The 4p's of 1. The Product Mix 2. The Price Mix In the mid price range
Around $8.00 ~ $ 207.00 3. The Place Mix Many M.A.C store are in department store or
shopping center. 5. The Promotional Mix 1. M.A.C distributed products to top designer
who worked with top models and actors.
(Word of mouth advertising ) M.A.C sells are many different products including : MAKE UP EYES LIPS FACE NAILS SKIN CARES REMOVERS MOISTURIZERS SOLUTIONS FRAGRANCE TOOLS BRUSHES ACCESSORIES BAGS PRO PRODUCT M.A.C has stores in 73 countries around the world so far. - Because the mobility of the population
is high. 3. M.A.C promotes products by using placement marketing strategy. 2. M.A.C launches products of limited edition. 4. M.A.C raises money for charity for AIDS. In conclusion successful? Yes. marketing is successful. because it follows the 4p's. Lipstick
Brush Estee Lauder M.A.C Lancome $23.50~34 $18.00~33.50 $27.00~35.00 $42.50 $32.00~40.00 $40.00~63.00 $21.00~50.00 $18.00~47.50 $22.00~54.00 $24.00~38.50 $19.00~23.50 $28.00~39.00 $24.00~38.50 $19.00~23.50 $28.00~39.00 5. BACK TO M.A.C Thank you for listening. :-)
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