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Tribal Leadership - AITP

Intro to Tribal Leadership for the Association of IT Professionals, Los Angeles

Carrie Kish

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Tribal Leadership - AITP

Carrie Kish

Tribal Leadership & Organizational Change
Stage 1
"Life Sucks"
Despairing Hostility
Example: The homeless, Gangs, Prisons (2%)

Discussion: Organizations That Help
Upgrade: Get a New Tribe
Stage 2
"My Life Sucks"
Apathetic Victims
Disconnected Members
Example: DMV, TSA, Walmart (25%)
Biggest Complaint: It's Not Fair!

Opportunity: Complaints
Upgrade: Training, Coaching & Mentoring
Stage 3
"I'm Great"
Lone Warriors
Hub & Spoke
Example: Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals (49%)
Biggest Complaint: Things Would Be a Lot Better if People Would Just Do What I Say!

Learn: How to Stabilize People at Stage 3
Upgrade: Form Triads Based on Values
Stage 4
"We're Great"
Tribal Pride
Example: Zappos, Air B&B, Apple (22%)
Biggest Complaint: Not Enough People to Collaborate With

Demo: Mining for Values
Upgrade: Network Triads, Values, Mission
"Life is Great"
Innocent Wonderment
Ever-Expanding Triads
Example: Brave - Pixar Does Hair (2%)
Biggest Complaint: Not Enough... work to do and time to do it. Or too much... great work to do - how do we do it all?

Exercise: Who's Your Competition?
Stabilize: Network Triads, Values & Mission
Stage 5
"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"
- Peter Drucker
Upgrading Your Culture With Tribal Leadership

"Without strategy, your culture will starve."
- Dave Logan
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