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Francis Xavier

No description

Jonathan Pettinger

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier
The End of the Journey- 1552
...this voyage to Japan is very dangerous because of the great storms, the many shallows, and the numerous pirates, but most of all because of the storms, for if two out of three ships sailing from harbor in these regions arrive safely it is a great achievement.
Francis' Childhood
Born April 7, 1506
Castle of Xavier, Northern Spain

Left home at 19 and never returned.
Francis Meets Ignatius
Francis studied and taught philosophy and

Ignatius altered the course of Francis' life

"... and just as I then read them with tears, so I am now writing with these tears, as I recall times past and the great love which you ever had and still have for me..."

1534 Vow at Chapel of Montmarte
In Italy
War prevented companions from traveling to Holy Land
Placed themselves at disposal of the Pope Paul III
King John III requests Priests for his colonies
Francis Xavier steps in for sick friend
Arrived in Goa on May 6, 1542
The city would serve as his base, though he had a bit of a love-hate relationship with it
Ministered to children of pearl fishermen on India's south coast
The Malay Peninsula
Where there are "out and out pagans"

Are mass conversions valid?

How can children be evangelized?

How important is translation to mission?
Arrived in Japan in 1549
High expectations due to
reports from Portuguese merchants
Faced Numerous Challenges
Vow of Poverty
Some success
1 000 Converts
Pope Paul III
King John III
Francis' Remains in Goa
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