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Australian Rock Music Timeline

No description

Billy McIntosh

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Australian Rock Music Timeline

Australian Rock Music Timeline
- In 1956, Australia was introduced to Television and Rock & Roll.
- The international surf music boom from 1962 launched the next phase of Australian music.
- Cold Chisel formed in Adelaide in 1973, under the name Orange.
- Was the catalyst for change in 1950's Australia.
- Rock & Roll really took off in 1957 with Bill Haley's tour.
- The first Australian song was "Rock 'n' Roll washboard" by the Schneider Sisters in 1957.
- Major bands included Little River Band, Men at Work, AC/DC, INXS and Midnight oil.
- Throughout the world, alternative rock of various kinds became more popular during the 1990s, especially grunge.
- Australian music experienced somewhat of a rock renaissance in the 2000s
- When The Beatles' 1964 Australian tour arrived in Adelaide, an estimated 300,000 people turned out to meet them.
- The weekly magazine Go-Set, which was published from 1966 to 1974 was the first to publish an Australian music chart.
- 1964–1969 was known as the 'Second Wave' of Australian rock. The leading acts included Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, Bobby & Laurie, the Easybeats, the Twilights, and Lynne Randell.
-AC/DC formed in 1973 from brothers Angus and Malcolm Young and Dave Evans.
- In the 1970s Australian rock bands became well known for their classic hard rock.
- The 1980s was a decade when Australian rock gained confidence and world-wide attention.
- Solo acts such as John Farnham, Darryl Braithwaite and Jimmy Barnes were very successful during this period in Australia.
- The 1990s was famous for not only grunge but also eclecticism.
- During the 1990’s Australia somewhat saw rock music end and other styles begin. Bands like Regurgitator used heavy guitar while Yothu Yindi, used traditional Aboriginal music.
- As in other countries, independent music festivals also became popularity, notably the Big Day Out in Sydney.
- During the 2000’s several Australian rock bands saw international success in Europe and the US with Powderfinger and Jet being hits overseas.
- Australian rock band, Grinspoon first achieved success in the music industry in 1995 after being Unearthed by Triple J, and have been a mainstay of festivals such as the Big Day Out ever since.
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