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Silicon Beach - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Slides from Ben Duncan, Atmail CEO for #TEDxNoosa 2013. Discussing how to create a vibrant "Silicon Beach" community in the Sunshine Coast, and how other cities worldwide are attracting talent and innovation.

Ben Duncan

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Silicon Beach - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Silicon Valley
- (Bay area) Ranked #1
Population: 7M
Avg Age: 34
Hours Per day: 9.95
Education: 1 : 2.5 Local examples:
- Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, AirBNB Tel Aviv Ranked #2
Population: 2.3M
Avg Age: 36
Hours Per day: 9.42
Education: 1 : 2.33 Local examples:
- Babylon, SunDisk, Fring Waterloo, Canada Ranked #16
Population: 125k
Avg Age: 33
Hours Per day: 9.8
Education: 1 : 2.3 Local examples:
- Blackberry, TribeHR Sydney Ranked #12
Population: 4.7M
Avg Age: 33
Hours Per day: 9.95
Education: 1 : 1.8 Local examples:
- Atlassian, BigCommerce, Wooboard Coworking Spaces Events &
Meetups Co-working
spaces Access to
capital Community Incubators Meetups + Events Ecosystem Ingredients Access to Capital $122M raised in AU last FY We have a way to go - US startups on avg raise 5x more in the early stages, and 100x more when ready to scale Silicon Beach
(Sunshine Coast) Ranked: [Upcoming!]
Population: 300k - Lifestyle
- Environment
- Great talent pool
- Let's connect the dots and create a thriving "Silicon Beach" community Global Technology Startup Hot-spots Cities attracting talent and ideas Example Fishburners.org - Host over 200 entrepeneurs representing 100+ tech startups in Sydney. Providing residents with the essentials to do business High Concentration of Startups
2/3 the size of the Sunshine Coast My Vision for Silicon Beach Creating a vibrant
ecosystem on the
Sunshine Coast, creating innovation and inspiring Entrepreneurs

Become a global hotspot for Startup's

How can we get there?
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