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If.... was a personality, who would that be... and why?

No description

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of If.... was a personality, who would that be... and why?

Let's start with...
Our customers
Who are they?
Who do we talk to? (job title, rank)
Who makes the buying decision
What do they buy from us and why?
What is important to them?
What differentiate them from us?
Our competition
What do they offer?
What is their USP?
What differentiate them from us
Who are we?
What is our market?
What does HFL do?
What does LGC do?
What do we sell/do we provide? What is our offering?
Brand awareness
What does LGC stand for?
What does HFL stand for?
--> for you
--> for the customer
Communicating to the customer
How do we communicate to customers?
What do our customers read?
How do they want to hear from us
Our objectives
What are our commercial objectives?
What are our marketing objectives?
customer retention?
market expansion?
new services?
What's next?
If LGC was a personality, who would that be?
If HFL was a personality, who would that be?
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