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Humanities Benchmark :)

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Humanities Benchmark :)

Humanities Benchmark :)
Hello scholars!
Please clear everything off of your desk.

The only thing that you need on your desk is your Mayan Achievement Essay

---->(if you still have it!)
HW: A Tale of Three Countries
Our next unit: Japan!

VP - Marketing
Benchmark Day 2 - Welcome Back!
-Annotate 5 or more questions
-Do your best!
Do Now - Thursday, March 12, 2015
Write a short reflection on the benchmark yesterday:

Stuck? Consider these questions:

-What was challenging about it?
-What was easy about it?
-What did you feel proud of?
-What activities or lessons do you think will help you prepare better for the next Benchmark?
Last time, you did very well over all!
-Even on topics we had not covered :)

You must annotate 5 questions in the booklet.
PURPOSE: To assess how well you understand the content and to celebrate your progress.
-To see who would benefit from Saturday School
- HW:
A Tale of Three Countries
-Work on extra credit project
(2-3 sentences)
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