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Ethical Issues of 3D Printing

No description

Travis Bunn

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Ethical Issues of 3D Printing

Energy Hogs
Air Emissions
Plastic Reliance
Gun Control
Food Safety
Job security
Possible Issues
Ethical Issues of 3D Printing
Disposable Guns
Illegal Production
Terrorism Usage
Black Market Sales
Avoiding Arrest
Gun Control
Organ Replacement
Cell Replacement
Poison plates / utinsils
Printing food
Food Safety

Many of the issues presented might have different solutions to them aside from limited progression in 3D printing and science.
Is 3D printing the real problem?
Require ID #'s on all printed products
Require licenses to print 3D guns and other products
Limit and/or restrict blueprints
Build safeguards into personal 3D printers.
Gun Control and Licensing
Issue seems to be beyond 3D printing in general.
Many of same solutions as copyright and gun issues.
Educate the masses on the issue.
Bioprinting and Drugs
Most solutions involve education and better security measures.
Issues already exist in these fields today, should that curb advancements?
Solving the education issues that exist can put people in control of the machines rather than losing their jobs.
Food Saftey & Security
Increase in drug trafficking
Ease of production
Use in chemical warfare
Security Cards
Credit Cards
Identity Theft
Job loss to machines
Copyright Issues
Lowering of Demand
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