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Case Competition

Eli Lilly

Erika Servin

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Case Competition

1. Awareness
2. Acquisition
3. Retention Leaders of Opinion

Strategy consists in pressuring to PUSH product to consumers Lilly Cardiovascular: Innovation requires tough decisions Diagnosis:
Current Situation Context Product Marketing Analysis Mexico:
50 Million Mexicans adults suffer of Dyslipidemia
44% of adult population
Only 5% is treated
78% deaths related to cardiovascular diseases

Pharmaceutical Industry:
Movement: sole physician-oriented to patient focus strategies
Patient understanding of disease is becoming critical
Generics are successfully attacking market. Differentiation? Consumer Doesn’t perceive any benefits.
Drawbacks are immediate
Not Constant
Non- loyal to brand/medication. Lilly Physicians Lilly new in statin market
Focus on innovation
Position a cardiovascular franchise Competitors
Efficacy and safety of statins are no longer differentiators, but “givens”.

"Waste" time to explain about the disease and treatment. Crestor (Astra Zeneca): 30% SOM. About to lose patent.
Lipitor – Pfizer: 29% SOM. About to lose patent.
Vytorin/Zintrepid – MSD
Generics: cost five times less than branded “super statin”. Recommend use: treat mixed dyslipidemia.
Commonly used by physicians to treat high cholesterol.
Superior safety profile.
USA : "complicated patients". Redevant Proposed Solutions Threaths:
Short-term: Strong competitors
Mid-term: Generics and new develop drugs.
Long-term: Market Orientation Push Strategies Pull Strategies Value Proposition: reinforce intangible components of client satisfaction.
QR Code on existing resources
Business Cards
Electronic Advertisement
Similar Medication Boxes (cross-selling)

Link to: Information, ads. QR Code Hooked on Lilly: "Para Ti, Para Mi, Para Dos".

Creates link of preference to Lilly
Exploit new trends to create brand adherence. App:
Lilly Aid
Alarms and Calendar
Medical Information
This creates Customer Loyalty
Promotes: Retention and drives for continuing treatment Happy-Lilly ever after Cost We expect to gain 15% of the
recent active market.

We will activate 3% of the inactive market . Half will be treated with Redevant.

Revenues of $702.6M in

Profits 638M. 90% Profitable.

In next years we expect 1% growth rate plus 10% of permanence.

Revenues expected of 9.6Billion (2012-2015).

Profit 8.7 Billion (2012-2015)
Cost Yes, we are going to launch.

This is HOW and WHY. Happy Ever After References: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/healthcare/files/docs/vol_2_markets_innovation_regulation_en.pdf
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