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Our final presentation from working at Kaiser Permanente during Summer 2013.

Jacqueline Harris

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of INROADS 2013

Rhonda Neal, Manager of Diversity and Linguistics
There is a Adult Medicine RN in every MOB and a Pediatrics RNs at the hubs to support patient emails, physicians’ inbasket folders, and non-Advice calls from members.
Non-profit organization and internship program that promotes diversity in corporate America.
International organization with over 35 offices
Has placed over 2,000 interns in 200 corporate partnerships
Students gain throughout the summer INROADS offers:

1. The health care coverage that was effective after March 23, 2010 is about to undergo significant changes, starting in January 2014.

2. The Health Insurance Marketplaces open in September of 2013.

3. Some of our members are already enjoying some of the Affordable Care Acts benefits including: expanded, no-cost preventative care, such as immunizations, diabetes and cancer screenings, counseling for smoking and alcohol abuse, and more.

4. Insurance companies can continue to deny coverage to consumers because of a pre-existing medical condition.

5. Health Care reform will drive changes in our membership, and the biggest change is volume.
-Georgia Institute of Technology
-Junior, Class of 2015
-Biochemistry, Pre-Medicine
-Intern with Operational Business Decision & Support
-Manager: Jack Wooten
-Hometown: Conyers, Georgia
-College: Piedmont College
-Majors: Accounting and Financing
-Intern with Operations and Administration

Performing Through Reform
Health Care Reform....
What do you know?
Performing Through Reform
Jacqueline Harris
Lauren Cooper

Joshua Bailey

Jessica Abe
Member Retention & Loyalty
Manager: Lauren Hammann
Hometown: Dawsonville, GA
College: Senior at the
University of Georgia
(Terry College of Business)
Majors: Marketing and Finance
HCR and the Uninsured
Welcome to the Department of Recruitment!
Week 1 at KP: Researched Health Care Reform and wrote a business case for Program Office highlighting the demographics and psychographics of Georgia's uninsured population.
20% of Georgia's population is uninsured.This is one of the greatest uninsured population percentages across the entire nation.
KPGA has the opportunity to reach 1.3 million people, the number of uninsured Georgians.
Who Are They?
"You can get by without it. Self-medicate, go to urgent care." -Young and Healthy
"I had health insurance for $80/month, never went. Do the math. I can afford to go to the doctor without coverage. It saves me more money to pay out of pocket. I budget for this very reason." - Young and Healthy
"Life and death for me - I'm a diabetic. When I don't have it, my sugar is out of control/ I've been getting over-the-counter insulin." - Unhealthy and Concerned
"We used to have a three story house and a Mercedes. My son had a disease that was not covered and we lost everything." - Unhealthy and Concerned
Amber Davis

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Sophomore- Class of 2016
Major: Business Administration- Marketing and Management
Manager: Mark Rowe
Recruiting Assistant Intern; Event Coordinator Intern
Manager's review Tab:
-Wait for the hiring manager reviews candidates.
-Send reminders to hiring managers.
-Manager selects the best candidates for interviews.
-Arrange interview for the candidate.
- Create interview packets for hiring manager
Offer Tab:
-Manager informs recruiter all of the candidates they are considering and are the best fit for the different positions.
-Congratulate new hires ( send out benefit package if applicable
-Complete step sheet to determine pay.
-Send offer letter out to candidates.

New hire:
-New Hires must successfully pass drug test and background check
-Inform new hire to come in to verify identification and insure they receive their immunization forms.
- Complete I9 form to verify new hire identification
How are open house events beneficial to the department of recruitment?
-redesigned & revamped intranet page
-edited over 40 documents; created over 20 new branded resources
-created Specialties Resource Manual
Soft Savings: $500+

Pharmacy Pilot
We're expanding our Southwood Medical Center to improve access to specialty care for our members in South metro Atlanta and surrounding areas in early 2014.
The expansions and renovations will include a New Comprehensive Medical Center
Apply online at: www.jobs.kp.org
Workflow Documentation
...and then came Taleo
S.M.I.L.E.S Volunteering
Identifying all ACE Candidates under the new tab in Taleo!
Recruit Review Tab
Over 60 Workflows

1) Review candidates resume for basic qualifications and schedule screening.

2) Administered Assessments utilizing the SHL software.
3) Change Status of applicant
What is Proactive Care?
Proactive Care:
a combination of protocols, workflows & system changes
optimize clinician time
fully utilize support staff skills
provide streamlined care
POS/EDGE: Proactive Office Support
standardizes routine message workflows
KP HealthConnect InBasket support
incoming/outgoing phone calls
POE: Proactive Office Encounter
supports healthcare team during member encounters
provides a defined workflow for proactive care
The Glenlake, Alpharetta, and Forsyth pharmacies have been conducting a 60-day pilot for new prescriptions fill at the MOB with the intent of improving communications to the member from the Health Care/ Specialty Team, and improving their overall experience at the Pharmacy.
Oakwood University
Junior, Class of 2015
Business Administration: Health Care, Management

Glenlake Facility

Intern with Operations Department
Manager: Steve Giller
Open House Events

What is
•Improved appointment options by telephone: Members will be able to select the right type of appointment and be transferred to that scheduler – reducing unnecessary transfers to the Service Associate team.
•Direct access to Advice RNs: When members select “Advice” on the telephone options, they will be transferred directly to an advice nurse for Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, Dermatology and Behavioral Health. This represents 85 percent of the advice call volume.

EDGE stands for Excellence in Delivery, Greatness in Execution.
In the EDGE room there are two TSC ( Team Service Coordinators) they are the people that receive the initial point of contact for each service area – and will handle tasks such as forms and general questions.
EDGE Tracking
Glenlake Tracking
Top reasons why member's leave the pharmacy without rx
Alpherratta & Forsyth
POS- Proactive Office Support.
There is a Adult Medicine RN in every MOB and a Pediatrics RNs at the hubs to support patient emails, physicians’ inbasket folders, and non-Advice calls from members.

A group of motivated volunteers, assisting with customer services and member flow throughout the facility.
- The purpose of the Job Fair is to allow organizations to meet potential employees in an informal setting. The Job Fair also gives job seekers the opportunity to learn more about potential employers and the opportunities available. The focus is on sharing information between organizations and job seekers. It is a way to explore career opportunities within a variety of companies at one location.
Coordinating a Job Fair/ Open House Event

- Publicizing the event
- Screen Candidates for qualifications
-Arrange arrival times
Publicity= Success !!!
Over Due Balance Research and Analysis
What did we want to accomplish?
preparation for EDGE Phase 2 Go Live in July
new phone technology - Soft Phone & Natural Language
modify website with up-to-date, accurate, and relevant support resources
How did we accomplish our goals?
Doctor and Nurse interaction serves as an intricate part in the billing process. When it comes to treating the patient, anything as simple as a prescription change could result in a charged co-pay.
An example of this is when there are situations where the patients are put on blood pressure medications and are scheduled for frequent blood pressure check-ups throughout the year. These procedures require no co-pay and are simply just a visit to the nurse.
The nurse then takes the patients results and records them on file on the computer. The doctor comes in and looks at these results and makes the proper adjustments to ensure progress for the patient through a change in blood pressure pills, or any other type of adjustment.
Based on some of the adjustments made, some of them are seen as physician visits on the computer, thus resulting in unexpected co-pays for the customers.
Were the changes an improvement?
Specialties Resource Manual Soft Savings of $500+
Hits on the POC webpage
Issues log usage
Feedback from Staff
Moving Forward --> Sustainability Plan
Get the right tools to the right people
Standardization across the region - Same feel, same look. Everytime.
"One Stop Shop" for everything workflow related
Support transition from
strategic initiative to a
sustainable process
Launched new intranet webpage with best practice story
developed communication tools
documented over 60 workflow step actions
posted by goal date
increased awareness of possible workflows to be documented
Over 350 posted workflows to Knowledge Base - personally documented over 60
Continuing Strategies:
Workflow Advisory Council
Operational Process Management
"It's all about the front end to back end member experience."
-Eblast Software
-Indeed/Online career sites
-Kaiser Website

College Recruitment
Special Thanks to...

Jason Abraham, Senior Staffing Consultant
Mark Rowe, Director, Recruitment and Supplemental Satfffing
Tonya Thomas, Executive Assistant to Dawn Bading & Labor Management Partnership
Joanne Littleton, Senior Staffing Consultant
Rhonda Neal, Manager of Diversity and Linguistics
Denise Bryant, Recruitment Coordinator
Carolyn Westry, Recruitment Coordinator
Samantha Sinke, Senior Staffing Consultant
Sheri Whitney, Senior Staffing Consultant
Ruth Pigg, Senior Staffing Consultant
Dawn Bading, Vice President of Human Resources
3 Areas of Focus
Prospective Members

New Member Onboarding

Retaining Current Members
Chart credit: Wilson RMS
Addressing New Needs
New Outreach Strategy
Recommendation: Webinars
Concept: Creating a digital platform for the Member Experience Team.
Walking Members through each step of onboarding from wherever they may be.
Ability to answer questions and meet KP employees.
Member Care Transitions
Areas of Focus
Volunteering Program
Over Due Balance Research
Member services
Preparing for a previously uninsured population that may proportionally have greater chronic care needs than a typical New Member group.
Creating and promoting documentation that will aid in the medical record transfer process and allow for effective and efficient continuation of care.
New Member Onboarding
Transfer Rx and medical records
Register on kp.org
Select a Primary Care Physician
Schedule an appointment
Getting Started Steps
New Touch Points
Georgia Region "Hello" Kit
Comprehensive and personalized information about: KP locations, selecting a PCP, scheduling appointments, how to stay connected, where and when to get care, transferring prescriptions, and a variety of important resources.
"Welcome to KP" New Member Video
Highlighting onboarding steps, a first visit to a KP facility, post-visit steps, and helpful New Member tips.
GOAL: Help Members understand and utilize KP's integrated health care system
How do we help Members engage?
Prospective Members
How do we measure what we are doing right and wrong?
What groups do we focus on, and how do we encourage them to stay with Kaiser?
"How likely is it that you would recommend Kaiser Permanente to a friend or colleague?"
Probable reasons for upward trend: improved appointment access (introduction of cancellation fees), greater telephone experience - EDGE, and the SMILES initiative.
Member Experience Teams
“The mission of INROADS is to develop and place talented
youth in business and prepare them for corporate
and community leadership.”
Education and
Utilized for large, key accounts
On-site representation to assist Members in transitioning to KP
MET Team: Pharmacist, Nurses, Physicians, Member Services, Case Management, Case Installation, and Member Retention
What else tells the story?
Member engagement rates
Patient Experience Surveys
Voluntary termination rates
New Member Surveys
Our Goal: Find the relationships that exist between all the different elements that factor into a Member's experience with KP. Doing so arms us with the intellect to develop strategies for improving Member experiences, and ultimately, retain as many Members as possible.
2013 Open Enrollment At-Risk Strategy
Focusing on 5 at-risk clusters grouped together by level of engagement and demographics.
Time Sensitive and Tenured
Strong Flight Risk Females
Older & Tenured Males
Disengaged & Disinterested Males
Females & Families on the Fence
Varying outreach initiatives, all aimed at speaking to the unique characteristics of each cluster.
Special Thanks...
Lauren Hammann
Manager, Member Retention & Loyalty
Bradley Cox
Coordinator, Member Retention & Loyalty
Pat Guerry
Director, Member Retention and Product
Rhonda Neal
Manager, Diversity & Linguistics
Much appreciation for a valuable summer!
Make it Easy
Help Me Now
Know Me
Lights, Cameras, Inroads in ACTION!!
Competent Staff
"Health care reform" as a buzz phrase.
Fresh faces in the economic and political worlds.
The Millennial Generation
How will we participate in reform
The Future...
We are a determining piece in the puzzle of health care's future, reform and beyond.
We are constantly demanding innovation and personalization.
We, as Kaiser Permanente interns and members of the Millennial Generation are excited to share our health care experiences with you - the people who have been so influential to us this summer.
Theme of the Summer
-To be Reviewed
-Required Testing Initiated
-Required testing Completed
-Eligible for interview
Marketing Communications
Managers: Karen Jenkins, Leslie Blair, Cheryl Brown
Special Thanks
Steve Giller, Area Operations Director
Susan Gooch, Operations Manager
Mike Crumbley, Nurse Manager
Jacqueline Woodward, Operations Manager
Julia Percy, Nurse Manager
1. Internal
2. Current Member
3. Prospective Member
What do we gain to accomplish
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