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Ledig OVC Feb2013

No description

Michelle Rosowsky

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Ledig OVC Feb2013

Referral system
The center is proximate to the community medical clinic, which refers children identified as HIV positive. The center also works with early learning centers to ensure a strong foundation for children under the age of 5. Ledig Orphaned & Vulnerable Children's Center (OVC) The Tapologo organization
A place of hope, healing, and compassion
(OVC) Orphan and vulnerable children care centers The town of Ledig is located in South Africa's North West province, about 30 miles north of the town of Rustenburg. The region is rich in mineral resources, attracting international mining corporations. Men from all over the country migrate to the area to find work, often leaving families behind and living in indigent housing communities called squatter camps.

Impoverished women from nearby communities, with no way to support their children, meet up with miners who are looking for companionship. Demographics Nearby platinum mine Squatter camp The area has a disproportionately high HIV/AIDS infection rate. Because of the lack of traditional community structure in the squatter camps, many people with HIV/AIDS live below subsistence levels, do not have family support or get proper medical care, and die in conditions of poverty and squalor. The problem The children An estimated 1.1 million children in South Africa are orphaned and vulnerable to the poverty cycle due to HIV/AIDS. The statistics hardly capture the human tragedy of children grieving for dying parents while plunging into economic crisis themselves without services or support systems in impoverished communities. Teboho is 6 yrs old. When his grandmother died, he was left in the care of his grandfather. Unfortunately, his grandfather is blind, so Teboho has become the caregiver for this elderly man. http://www.tapologo.org/ Tutoring
Care givers not only help children complete their schoolwork, but also work with the child's teacher to monitor school attendance and performance. Nutritional Support
Children in the program receive a hot daily meal after school. Food parcels are sent home with children who are not getting adequate nutrition at home. Counseling
Children in the program receive psychological counseling, life skills training, HIV education, and monitoring by a caring adult. Child care worker training
Care givers are equipped to work with the children's emotional and physical challenges by receiving training by experts in the fields of child development, mental health, education, HIV management, and preventing family violence. Ledig OVC Objective:
To offer a place of care and safety for 150 school-age children, including physiological, psycho-social, and educational support to children from vulnerable families. Follow our website:

Funds are needed for... HOW YOU CAN HELP: Home visits
Care givers conduct weekly home visits to be sure that children who can't attend the center are being cared for. Issues such as cleanliness, personal hygeine, and safetey are addressed. Solutions HOPE Ledig OVC child care center Ledig school girl "Children who have known rejection, abuse, and neglect are cared for here by a team of exceptional care givers."
--2012 Annual Report Outcomes - Children are safer
- School attendance and performance improves
- Health improves
- Children emerge from the poverty cycle and are less likely to be illiterate, economically dependent, involved in illegal activity, and infected by HIV
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