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Learning Commons Plans

Presernation for Riverside Elementary to inform the faculty about ideas for transforming the Media Center into a Learning Commons and to get the staff to generate their own ideas to aid in the transofrmation.

Angelica Espeseth

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Learning Commons Plans

Media Center Transformation
Getting Started. . .

already purchased and/or planned
we are looking to make the RLC a bright, colorful
kid-friendly environment. one they will feel belongs to
them and not just to their teachers.
Some Design Ideas We Have
These are some of the ideas the design committee
presented to the rest of the committee, but nothing has
been purchased or begun.
Exit Pass-
Opinion Writing
Write an Opinion Writing piece about the changes being made to the Media Center.

Maximize Riverside Learning Commons to empower students to successfully transition into a globally competitive society.

To serve our 21st century learners:
• Rigorous collections of complex text to include non-fiction and electronic literacy
• Relevant technology infused to address the Common Core State Standards for speaking and listening and informational literacy, through the integration of multiple intelligences

• Change the perception for utilizing the Learning Commons during the school day
• Extended hours for stakeholders
1. Students
2. Teachers
3. Parents
4. Community
5. District

• Students and stakeholders are invited to participate in information sharing for inquiry and literacy development in both real and virtual ways.
• Teachers are provided opportunities to collaborate for professional improvement.
• Students are provided with a 21st century learning environment that promotes communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
• Riverside Learning Commons is committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

$25,000 - Daycare money to get started
Applying for grants
Some ideas. . .
nothing purchased,
just our thoughts
Outside Hallway
these are some things we are planning
Professional Development Area
for teachers
Interest Wall -Library entrance
Tree Mural in Story Time Area
Book at the bottom. Leaves stretching across wall towards the Copy room
Collaboration Poster
In front collaboration area covering studio windows. Quote printed in the middle of the colored pencils.
Performance Platform
More info by Colby & Johns
More info from Means & King
More info about collaboration in the RLC by Patty
Other Mural Ideas
more info by Bryant
Entrance & Exit Quotes
Window Treatments
Our Dream Entrance to the RLC
Boy silhouette on one side of the door and girl on the other side
Reading Readiness Area
More info by Young
More info by E
This is YOUR Learning Commons
We want YOUR ideas!
Cafe Conversations
Each designated area that we discussed has a poster paper. We will do 3 rotations. Go to the group that interests you the most. Talk, discuss, write your ideas down. Rotate to a different area of your choice and repeat.
What else can we do. . . .
What can be done differently. . .
What gets you excited. . . .
Table Talk
5 minutes to talk with the people you are seated with about the RLC
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