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No description

Erid Bundo

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of School

School What I lIKE ABOUT IT yOU GET TO LEARN yOU GET TO INTERACT WITH OTHERS yOU SEE YOUR FRIENDS yOU GET TO PLAY SPORTS IF YOU WANT TO wHAT I DONT LIKE ABOUT IT THE SCHEDULES THE LUNCH tHE TEACHERS FOOD THE BUSES I WAS JUST KIDDING ABOUT THAT LAST COMMENT. tHE TEACHERS TOo MUCH WORK AT SCHOOL wHATS COOL IN MY SCHOOL cOMPUTERS LIBRARY GYM SPORTS TEACHERS LUNCH LADIeS THEY ARE VERY COOL BELIeve ME About my school??? It is a fun school with a lot of fun teachers and staff that help you along the way. It helps you with socail skills that you might use in the future Bring in your box tops and your old cell phones, and printer toner to raise money for our school! Bay Point is currently first in Florida! Let's move up in the National ranking! Log in and track your exercise and good food habits!
Schedules The schedules go as follow: Like if today we have 1-6 periods then tomorow we would have our seventh period first then continue on with our periods but not have our sixth period. It is a rotating circle.
The schedules are very interesting to some but very boring to others. I, myself kind of like the schedules. I would like it better if we had all 7 periods in one day because all of our other periods would be short.
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