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No description

Matt Medina

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Wrestling


Matt Medina
Two people are wrestling one another
There are two ways you can win a match
Or a decision (win by points)
A Pin is worth 6 team points
A decision can be either a major or minor
Depends on how many points you score
Each match is 6 minutes or 3 rounds of 2 minutes
There is no unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct

Step on the mat
Shake your opponents hand
Start wrestling when the ref blows the whistle
Get takedowns
Dont stop wrestling till you hear the ref whistle
A singlet
Wrestling HeadGear
Wrestling shoes
Also requires..
Hard work
Extreme conditioning
Lots of practice
Mental toughness
Personal Experience
This year was my first year wrestling
My brother wrestled when he was in high school so i did too
Getting my hand raised at the end of the match is the best feeling
Success and failures
I won 7 of my matches
Most of the wins were pins
I wrestled on varsity
Didnt do as good as i should have
Lost to kids i should have beat
The End
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