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Eureka Math-1st & 2nd Grade

No description

Amy McGill

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Eureka Math-1st & 2nd Grade

Eureka Math
"Mighty Math"
Our Sweet Schedule
* Overview
* Fluency Practice
* Application Problems
* Concept Development
* Problem Sets & Homework
* Debrief
* RA's
* Key Concepts
* Examples/Models
* Standards
* Module Topics & Lesson Objectives
* Terminology/Vocabulary
* Suggested Tools/Materials
Fluency Practice

- Happy Counting
- Break 10 in 2 parts
- Sprints
- Say 10 Counting
- Ten Plus Number Sentences
- Make 10 by Identifying Missing Part
- Math Flash Fingers
- Coin Drop
- Beep Counting
- Red Light/Green Light
- Shake Those Disks

Application Problems

- RDW (Read,Draw, Write)
- Tape Diagram
- Counting Up (Tens/Ones)
- Chip Model

Concept Development
- Introduce New Material
- Moves From Simple to Complex
-Time for Problem Sets (10 min.)
- Reflection of the Lesson
- Brings It Altogether
Breakdown of a Sprint
- Sprint A
- Check the Sprint
- Celebrate
- Movement
- Sprint B
- Check the Sprint
- New vs Old Pacing
- Direct Alignment with Eureka
Problem #1

Mr. Peterson decorated 15 meters of ribbon in the morning. He decorated 8 more meters in the afternoon than in the morning. How many meters did Mr. Peterson decorate in the morning and afternoon in all?

Step #1:

Step #2:
15 m
8 m
15 m
23 m
Problem #2:

The red colored pencil is 17cm long. The green colored pencil is 9 cm shorter than the red colored pencil. What is the total length of both pencils?

Step #1:

Step #2:
17 cm
17 cm
8 cm
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