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Marketing Presentation 2.

No description

Aeryn Blake

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Presentation 2.

Quiz 1. How many types of buying motives are there?

2. What is prospecting?

3.What is one of the prospecting techniques?

4.What is the definition of customer buying motives? Buying Motives Prospecting Buying Motives and Prospecting Advantages Having better products than your competition. Rational Motives
Emotional Motives
Patronage Motives
Multiple Motives Customer Referrals
Cold Canvassing
Employer Sales Leads Pf Changs has better quality of food than Panda Express. Reasons a customer buys a product Rational Motives Logical reasons for purchasing products or services Emotional Motives Feelings a customer experienced with a product or service Patronage Motives The reasons why a customer stays with a certain company Multiple Motives The combination of different motives for reasoning to buy a product Techniques and practices used by salespeople and businesses to create a sales lead. Customer Refferals Customers that give names of other people who might be interested in that product or service Cold Canvassing Locating customers without checking leads beforehand Employer Sales Lead Employers following up on a lead that a customer might be interested in that product.
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