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Why You Should Hire Michael Shou- The Story of Monster

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Michael Shou

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Why You Should Hire Michael Shou- The Story of Monster

Michael's Story
Happy Childhood@Michael's Life
Once in a Blue Moon @ Michael's Life
Not Just Academics: Extracurriculars@Michael's life
Professional Career in the Tech Industry@Michael's life
Michael was born on a cold and snowy night in a small village @China
His mom always told Michael that if he wants to explore the amazing world instead of staying in the village, he should work extremely hard.
Michael knew when Mom said: Work hard...it meant study hard....that's how Michael enjoyed his childhood in elementary school. He was a smart boy, every teacher loved him!
Mountains are Michael's paradise. He learned 啊啊a lot about nature: mountains, rivers, trees, birds, flowers, insects, fruits. He always said that the first 15 years of his life is the most important and memorable!
Michael studied at four different elementary schools while his Mom tried to find better and better places for him to get educated. Now none of them exist.
Michael received the enrollment letter from the best private middle school after passing a competitive exam, but Mom could not afford the expensive tuition.
Michael felt depressed as Mom only had $ 100, but the tuition would cost his family $800 per term.
A warm-hearted local entrepreneur kindly offered to sponsor Michel's education for 10 years. Michael is eternally grateful to him for his kindness.
Performing at the top of his class, Michael studied at the best high school in the city and was elected as the class president.
Finally Michael came to his dream university: Fudan University, It is one of the best universities in China and has a history over 100 years. Michael majored in World Economy!
Michael co-founded the online platform for credit card application with friends @Fudan University
Michael maintained his website and wrote over 600 articles/ over 1million words during the past 8 years. www.monstershou.com. He loves blogging and will continue to share his thoughts and experience....
Basketball is Michael's favorite sport
Michael is a good runner. He won many championships in the men's 15oom in college!

His Slogan: Keep Running and Keep thinking!
Michael sold books, computers, DVDs, battledores, pearl powder, and socks in college to finance his education.
Michael established the first newspaper and magazine for class of 2008.
Michael was very active at Fudan:
Class president, Class of 2008
Manager of student affairs;
Vice-director of the student union;
Vice-minister of Youth League
-Municipal Honored Student Leader
-Honored Graduate Student
-National Merit-based scholarship
-YuanKai Company Scholarship
-YongTai Corporation Scholarship
Michael Volunteered @Sunflower, a community school for children from migrant families
Co-Founder, Product Manager

web-based online platform for credit card application and financial service.

Michael learned how to put an business idea into reality. He found his love for tech!
Management Trainee, Business Analyst

Michael learned how to manage business in a big tech company through 2 year rotation program
Senior Product Leader, Solution Sales, Partnership Management@ Business Intelligence, Big Data Solution

Michael learned how to manage a product and increase the sales performance in a big tech company!
Michael focuses on Marketing,Technology Management, and Product Management -MBA @ ULCA Anderson
So Now, Why Michael?
Michael's dream is to travel around the world and enjoy the beauty of nature!
define Michel's life today
Michael is waiting for your message
He is looking for product management and product marketing intern positions in tech companies.
Contact Michael Shou
Website: www.monstershou.com
Email: clshou@gmail.com

Michael got lots of awards....
Michael started to self-learn technical knowledge as he aspired to be a good Product Manager.
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